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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sanity saver

I got this Dog play pen last week. Due to some situations that were WAY out of control I needed to start crating my dogs. But it was stressing me out knowing it would stress them out. I tried a metal crate and it was so big, I really don't have room for that to stay out all the time! Then I found this ! It pops up like a play tent and my dogs LOVE it! They go to bed with no fuss at night. If I leave it open they nap in it all day. They even let the cat share! AND .... If I need it gone , I remove the blankies and fold it up and slide it behind the trash can. Or we put it in the dare room. I found a store fairly close that had them WAY cheaper than on line. So ... Yep! It's my sanity saver!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas mantle

Just a quick pic of my fun Christmas mantle. I like it this year , bright and simple. The candles are led and are battery operated with a remote! Love it ! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

layers of grief

I was talking to a friend yesterday who lost here dear, sweet mama this year too . In the middle of a Christmas cookie exchange , with everyone else ohh and ahhing over the yummy variety of cookies they'd be going home with we were standing there with tears in our eyes. We shared some of our struggles , how we are dealing and what brings on out breaking point. It was therapeutic in a strange way .
I see my dad struggling . He got a huge burst of purge energy right after my mom died . He cleaned out clothes and shoes and purses . They all went to the church so her lady friends could share and the leftovers went to a benevolence thrift store. It was fitting . Mama loved her church friends and she loved thrift shopping !
My dad has been looking at houses in Belize. Yup, seriously. I have been unsure how I feel about this . It is a long way from me and the rest of my family . Which is his only family. But today I had one of those God given epiphanies  . My beloved , Mr. Wonderful , is out of town . I won't see him again until Christmas Adam ... you know , the day before Christmas Eve. But looking around my humble little house today , missing him terribly I realized something . There is not a foot of this house that does not remind me of him and doesn't make me ache for him . His touch , his influence, his stuff is EVERYWHERE ! My husband is a neat , organized , ex-military guy. But after 25 years of marriage , there is not a bit of me that is not part of every bit of him !
My epiphany ? If the Lord were to call my hubby home , my first inclination would be to remove the few things I would want and walk away. Probably fly to Scotland , and maybe never come back.
That's not entirely a rational thought. My kids are here, grown , but they still live fairly local. My grand baby is here . My life right now pretty much revolves around her . Literally ! I check the calendar everyday and plan my day around her because I am her primary care giver while her parents hold down full time jobs .
But I can have a new found sympathy for my dads seemingly wild ideas about escaping to the beach and eternal summer .
Christmas sure has me missing my mama. And in so many ways , I know I am not alone !

Sunday, November 23, 2014

It has been a rough month! Sick baby for 2 weeks and then Tuesday of this week I took a nasty fall off of the stairs. I did not see that the baby had found a water bottle somewhere and had been playing with it and inadvertently it got left at the bottom of the stairs. I can down with a basket of laundry and could not see my feet so I stepped directly on it. It rolled and the shot out to the side. It sprained both ankles! I seriously thought that the left one was broken. I am fine now on flat ground but stairs are still killer.
Historically it has been October that was rough....
It is itching on the inside now...not sure how to explain that exactly. I'll just be so glad to be better!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Thankful that even though he doesn't get to be home, my hard working hubby has the day off to relax and rest. 
I am thankful that Ms Busy got seen at the ER and is feeling a little better today. 
Thankful to be in a position to be able to drop everything and go help when needed! What a blessing. 
This is her sleeping in my arms in the ER waiting room. So very precious!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thrifty find , thrifty gifts

I found the great little jars at Goodwill. There were 6 of them!
 I really nabbed them because I think they are cute but then I had to justify the purpose for them. I already have TMS (too much stuff) so just being cute wasn't enough. 
I am going to make a batch of carpet freshener with my Plant Life "Clean House" essential oil (can also be a fridge freshener) and maybe some cleaning scrub, or the water marble air freshener . Very excited! 
I came up with a good use for them!  And as you can see they did indeed get to come home with me! :-)

Friday, November 7, 2014


Today I am thankful that God cares for us. He speaks to us directly! He heals us inside and out. He restores what we have lost,given away or been robbed of! He teaches us and leads us. He is a loving and good Father! Thank You Abba!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5

5 is the number of GRACE! I am thankful for the grace of God ! The grace that offered salvation to a prideful, sin sick ,southern girl like me. I didn't meet Jesus until I was 28 and I have never been the same ! 
I also thank God that today my daddy passed the eye test to get to keep his driving privileges. I am very grateful, and relieved for us all. 
I am thankful that our son could take the time to go to the doctor with his grand dad today. I hope they make good memories today. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2 thanks-living

Today I am giving heartfelt thanks to God that Mr Wonderful made his trip safely . Having driven it twice last week I have a new empathy for him on travel days!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1 , thankful

Today I am thankful for having a day with my Mr Wonderful and Ms Busy. We got to have breakfast with the whole family and then had a peaceful afternoon at home. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Throat drops (diy style)

I made my first batch of diy throat drops. I used honey,sugar,butter,water and some on-guard essential oil. 
They taste good! But...they are not pretty! 
I forgot that I am bad at taffy. I have no heat tolerance in hy hands. So the vague directions of "when it's cool enough to handle " really don't apply to me. 
I do want to make a peppermint kind and a lemon kind too but I have a feeling that the next batch will be suckers or I will order some type of candy mold.
The flat is one of the first ones that I poured out like a lollipop. The 2nd one after trying to taffy pull and cut.
Pretty cool! I feel so accomplished! Lol

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day book a day late! October 5th

Out side my window- blue sky,fluffy clouds and the perfect fall day. About 70•

I am thinking- about how thankful I am that my husband didn't get seriously injured when he fell off a truck at work yesterday. He's 5 states away y'all!

I am thankful- for grace. That God loves us enough to change us and grow us!

In the kitchen- I made egg muffins and apple muffins this morning in the toaster oven.
I am wearing- denim capris, teal and black blouse. My sketch-air shoes.

I am creating- 
A wreath for me now that my daughter has hers!

I am going- no where today if I can help it.

I am wondering- how back the sink is going to be to fix! A mouse chewed our dishwasher line and there is damage in the sink cabinet. :-(

I am reading- freezer tips and recipes. Hubby wants an upright freezer instead of the fridge in the garage.

I am hoping- my cycle is done before hubby gets home. (Just being honest) 💃

Around the house- every thug is moving up. Ms. Busy can reach higher now! Lol

One of my favorite things-

Favorite quote- "just because I can't do it today, doesn't mean I can't do it someday " saw it on a work out meme. 

A peek into my day-

Y'all have a great week! Please go read some of the other day books. We all love comments! See the links here http://thesimplewoman.blogspot.com


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October is here!

This is the princes last day as a teenager! Wow! I had a hard time with 20 , but not 40...go figure! He is not having a hard time. His girl has something special planned. We celebrated last weekend. I do have one more little thing for in the morning. :-)
I brought a pillow down to pad my lap for some crafting . I had to put everything down to tend the baby and this is what I came back to-
Sweet girl . 
Then a bit later Abby went to her bed and Nolly took over my pillow. He is such a boy! I had to crop the pic or y'all would have seen why we call him "Nolly no pants! " (his real name is Noel , BTW)
Oh these dogs! :-) maddening, but too cute.

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th Day Book

As I start my daybook entry today I am in awe of TIME . September zoomed by !
May we live deliberately and capture the moments well !

Outside my window - it is cool and rainy. My husband would say it is a "sad" day. I say it makes it hard to motivate . It seems like a good movie ,blanket,soup kind of day! (it's 64 out so the blanket is just for snuggle factor in my fantasy)

I am wearing - paint clothes. Looking to work on a couple crafts and maybe finally finish that darn bathroom!

I am thinking - I need to get off the computer soon . It really can monopolize my time if I let it , which I have !

Around the house - making some essential oil cleaning supplies . Floor cleaner first and maybe some baking soda scrub. GNC had the No oils buy one get on 50% off. I got lavender , tea tree , orange , eucalyptus . I have several others , like Lemon (I think it is my fave!)

In the kitchen-
a little mini vase of mums that got broke off. And some yummy pears. Very buttery in flavor! Mmmmm.....

I am creating - 2 burlap wreaths . One for my door and one for my daughters door. I hope to post pictures soon .

I am thankful - for both 2 days with my Mr. Wonderful , and that he has work to put his hands to and to provide for our family. (it helps to remind myself to be thankful even if he has to be away)

I am going - to lunch with  friend today or tomorrow . We are going to try a new place in a neighboring town . Real food , but fast . I thinking a buffalo burger !

I am learning - to do things in little bites . Big bites of time , energy and inspiration often escape me but a small bit here and there really does add up.

I am reading - the latest magazines that have come in. Taking advantage of 2 days off it catch up!

I am wondering - when time starting moving so stinkin' fast! Our prince is turning 20 this week ! Ms. Busy will be 9 months old tomorrow. Next week my mom will have been gone 6 months. Goodness !

Plans for the week - De-clutter . Beautify . Try my hand at hanging new bathroom hardware. (OY!)

A peek into my day -
(excuse the carpet cleaner!)
Favorite quote - Is anything too hard for God ?! (It is what our church sermon was about)
I am linking up to The Simple Woman's Day book HERE . I love that Ms. Peggy does this every week . It has really helped my be more consistent in my blog.
Please check out the other blogger that posted this week ! It is so much fun ! I love comments y'all! (And I know most of the others do too)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The heavens declare the glory...

We took  the prince out of a nice steak dinner last night to celebrate his 20th birthday. Mr Wonderful is going to be out of town on the exact day . 
We got there after a G game so it was busy and there was a wait. But God gave me a gift by reminding us of His omnipresence. My hubby had made several remarks about what a "sad" day it seemed. Thick grey clouds hanging low. But as we were sitting there waiting on our table the sky cleared up and the late sun showed through. It was beautiful! Mr. Wonderful got his happy sky, I got to see a reminder that God is , and we're the only creatures who ever doubt it. For even the heavens declare His glory. (And after a few glitches, the prince did indeed get his steak) :-)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Day Book entry 9/22/14

A new week , a new Day Book ! Yay! Thank you Peggy for hosting this! Go Here to see the home blog for this event.

Outside my window - Still dark , but cool and clear. Quite lovely . Lots of crickets and critters voicing praise and probably opinions .

In my kitchen - disaster area ! I had to make food for both a funeral and a church event. I made a triple batch of this tortellini pasta salad. It was yummy ! All got eaten and wasn't difficult. I didn't get the cutting boards washed and put away yet, nor the tomato boxes discarded etc . I spent the extra time with my hubby before he was headed back out to work.

On my mind- that I need to start being more deliberate in accomplishing goals. I have got to start getting stuff done. Period , end of story , all on me. Sigh....

In my prayers - My friends hubby needs a job , he is struggling. My dad for health and salvation. My hubby for peace , favor and blessing. Me for motivation (for many areas)

In my CD player - the new Mercy Me , I am in love with the song "Greater"

I am thinking - about needing to do a fridge clean out and shopping trip , hopefully with a PLAN ! I have left over veg beef soup and grilled cheese for dinner tonight . Probably won't get to shop until Wednesday , which means Tuesday we will have breakfast food. Easy, in stock and well liked ! I might make THIS baked yummy-ness. Well liked it well enough last time that none got thrown away!

I am wearing - Jeans and my favorite fall shirt. It is rich brown with pink and coral and beige. It is very fall appropriate and a comfy , forgiving style.

I am reading - a lot of on-line articles lately . And starting a bible/book study. Will post more on that later.

Favorite quote-
I am looking for just the right font. This is going in our living room as a surprise for Mr Wonderful. He will like it . I want to put it on the outside of a frame so I can change the background with fabric or wrapping paper.

One of my favorite things - songs that speak to right where you are at ! Songs that invite my heart into worship.
This is the song "GREATER"  If you haven't heard it , please go have a listen. :-)

Plans for the week - Just pulling the house together a little better. It is very scattered and cluttered right now. It reflects my moods and mental state a lot more than it should !

Hope you all have a great week ! Thanks for stopping by . Please leave a comment , I love getting comments! Don't forget to visit the other entries for the week over at The Simple Woman's Blog.
Blessings ! Lora

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day Book entry 9/15/2014

I am glad to be joining the Simple Womans Day Book again . And many thanks to Ms. Peggy for hosting this event ! You can see the other bloggers who are participating by following this link HERE .

I am sorry that I am posting a day late ... yesterday was a very crazy day here and I just didn't have time to post .

Outside my window - it is cool and wet. We have gotten a lot of rain in the last week and it has brought with it an early fall coolness that is a lovely foretaste of the season to come. But it is lovely to enjoy while everything is still green and full of life!

I am thinking - that I need to clean and declutter downstairs. "stuff" has piled up while I was too busy to notice and now it is just terribly jumbled.

I am thankful - for my husband getting to work close to home this week ! It is a rare treat indeed. (it also means I get to cook real dinners and I do enjoy that.

I am wearing - still in my PJs . I knew if I dressed and did makeup first the day would be off and running and I would never get to post this week.

I am creating - A football wreath for my son-in-law. It is just a burlap football with his team (WV) . I will try to post a picture when I get done with it.

I am going - To Walmart to put a layaway on for Christmas. I have a couple big ticket items on my list and I figure this way I secure them and someone else gets to store them !

I am wondering - What to make with the porkchops tonight . Maybe broccoli and baked sweet potatoes. And some kind of bread. :-)

I am hoping - My dad gets some answers to his health decline and that the doctors have hope and not only despair.

I am learning - that my dear hubby is a treasure ! I love that man . But I continue to learn and even re-learn more and more about him. He is both so strong and so vulnerable . He is still jealous and holds onto things I have long since forgotten. And yes, that can be good and bad (and frustrating) . But as a package deal , he is a blessing . He is so strong , dedicated and determined . So much of what I am not! Like God knew us or something ! LOL

I am reading - like 4 books at once. I have a post EMP book that I like going , I picked up Harbinger and got sucked into it , re-reading DEMON : a memoir , And a container gardening book. ADD at its finest there . LOL I do this to myself all the time. No wonder my brain is tired right ?!

My favorite quote this week :
This is my fave right now for many reasons. Mostly because I need it ! :-)

I enjoy the Day Book link up and hope y'all do too. Rememer to go HERE to find the other posts . Blessings ! Lora

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

re-reading" Demon : A memoir" By Tosca Lee

While checking e-mail last week I got an e-mail from paperback swap that my wish was granted and someone posted Tosca Lees book Demon . We have read it before . Bought several to give away , had a book club featuring it etc ... It is THAT good ! But we had given our last copy away not long ago. And then my hubby quips that he'd like to re-read it. Coincidence ? Yeah, no !
It came in the mail yesterday and I texted my hubby a picture. He texted back " great! You read it now and I will take it after I get home . " Um... ok . I was thinking I would rad it after my time-travel drivel I currently have on my kindle . But as the baby was playing this morning , the book was beside me and the Kindle was upstairs so I picked it up . I am both sucked right back in , and trying to not rush through it. Not even out of the first chapter and I find
"Walking up the half flight of steps tonight , I recalled the collection of Eyewitness Guides she had kept on our bookshelf --a constant reminder of unfulfilled hopes and my own shortfalls as a provider. A detail I had forgot until now. But it came upon me reflexively and fully formed , the way the smell of a hospital room could conjure my dying father."
I put the book down there . Because I want to walk thru my house and remove anything remotely similar ...and sadly I am sure I will find more that one thing! I want to ask my hubby to do the same. But I also just want to let God speak to him freely with out my inferences. Hmmm....pondering.

I hardly ever reread a book . (Except scripture) How about you ? Any you reread often ? I have a couple . Behind the Glittering Mask by Mark Rutland, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers , Covenant Child by Terri Blackstock (haven't reread it but as soon as I turn u a copy I will. )
Perfect Perscection , can't remember who whote it but it is a MUST READ !

My house is full of books , with my Kindle I could let a lot of them go . Hubby has a whole shelf full I am forbidden to get rid of . LOL He knows me well. The mood strikes and I can indiscriminately get rid of a whole rooms contents.

Have a good day all . I am going to eat some pizza and start prowling the house . Until the baby wakes up anyway. lol

Monday, September 8, 2014

Day Book , September 8 , 2014

So excited to be participating in this group of Ladies and sharing our blogs . ( and our life experiences) And I love that I got comments last week . FUN!

For Today :
Outside my window - in is overcast and a bit cooler than it has been . I am watching the humming birds dart in and out from the feeder. They are such amazing little creations!

I am thinking - that I need to get a craft station set up so I can have a work space. I have so many things I want to try!

I am thankful - for my hard working hubby. He travels a great deal for his job and we are often apart for 1-3 weeks. But God has blessed him and continues to do so. And it has allowed me to be a stay at home mom for many years! What an incredible blessing!

In the kitchen - I smell a delicious pork roast simmering . I will shred it and make gravy and serve it over rice. It is the princes favorite meal ! I will also make broccoli , because I am always trying to get veggies in that fella! LOL

I am wearing - comfy clothes. It's that TOM and I can't stand anything constricting at all the whole week. :-/

I am wondering - how long the baby is going to sleep. Today is her first day in her new bed and she seems to be having no problems adjusting!

I am going - to regret getting the pretzel crust pizza this weekend. The prince and I loved it , maybe a little too much! I already want another one :-P

I am reading - a couple books on minimalist style , habits and living. I am NOT a minimalist . I would like to lean more that way and glean some good tips on decluttering and streamlining things a bit. (or a LOT)

Around the house - I got quite a bit done this morning ! Floors mopped and dishes unloaded , reloaded and run . A few of the baby toys washed down and sanitized. I need to get the seat out of the activity center and wash it.

I am looking forward to - planting some fall mums this weekend.

Favorite quote of today -
"When a child is born , so is a grandmother"
I also want to add
A peek into my day -
 Isn't she just the sweetest thing ?! (That was rhetorical...because I know she is) !
Y'all go HERE to see the other awesome Day Books that beautiful women from all over are posting today ~ Enjoy !

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Like shopping only cheaper

So today I have been working on my laundry quandary . It is a perpetual struggle in my house. I was down to a pretty pitiful selection of wardrobe. 3 loads later and the towel shelf is filling back up and my closet is burgeoning ! And ,lo & behold , I have choices!!
It's like shopping only better. Everything fits and is in my colors. And I didn't spend anymore $$. ( Well except for those fancy new gain pods. ) 
Considering tackling the dark recesses of the bottom of my closet but that's for a day I can start EARLY.  Big job. I am a pile maker and a shover. And that closet (& every other closet) is stuffed , and fairly unorganized. 
So ready for a change . Well , my mind is . Still convincing the body to co-operate and get busy. 
Better get back at it. More clothes to put away. :-) 
(On the up side , I found the dress I am wearing to church tomorrow!)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Surprize parties in heaven

A friend posted on FB today that her beloved sister was suddenly and unexpectedly taken home to be with The Lord and they are all in shock. I recall using almost the same phrase when my brother died . "Suddenly and unexpectantly" but today I had this thought ... What if God whisks you away for a surprize party in heaven ?! 
Wouldn't that just be the best?! Talk about getting to see some friends you haven't seen in "ages" . 
Yes it is one of those odd things that make me laugh a little. Totally inappropriate for sharing with the grieving (when they need a bigger perspective,and higher purpose, but...it's in my head and I'll hang onto it for a while. Different perspective ,again , sigh!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Simple Womans Daybook 9/2

So excited to be joining in on this ! Let's get right to it!


Outside my window - A plethora of GREEN ! The grass is lush & the trees are in full summer canopy . There are several busy grey squirrels ; a gentle reminder that all this verdant green will depart soon.

I am thinking - about trying to eat better and exercise . And my failed effort this morning. I only got 10 mins in to the video before my heart was pounding! But I also realize that is is 10 min more than I got done yesterday ! (or last week)

I am thankful - for a 3 day weekend with my hubby ! It was pretty wonderful ! :-)

In the kitchen - It's a bit of a disaster area. I need to clear the counters and do the floor . The grand baby is highly mobile these days and the floor being clean is a must ! I also have so yummy rib eyes to cook that didn't get cooked yesterday . Yeah steak ! (lol)

I am creating - I am trying to create a functioning bathroom . Our front bath got started being re-done before my mom passed away in April and it has just lingered un-finished. It is my project today to spend 2 hours in there painting trim , doors and vanity.

I am reading - "A Broken Hallelujah" it was a Kindle First freebie. It is a crime mystery , not something I would usually pick . Nor one I would recommend , due to language. I am a softy , I like historical romance and time-travel and books that challenge my theology and places I compromise and need God to point out my oversights . Weird combo , I know .

Around the house - I am SO wanting to put some fall flowers and decorations out ! It is too early , but I am making my plans ! I also want to make a cute little burlap garden flag I saw at my hair dressers house. Very cute ! If I get to do it I will try to post a picture next week.

I am wearing - No make up and comfy clothes . Black yoga carpi's and a teal t-shirt with my beloved Sketch-Air shoes. No plans to see anyone anytime soon , and the dogs don't care! lol

Last one...Plans for the week - finish the bathroom . And perhaps work on getting my bedroom in better shape. But I want to concentrate on the bathroom ... then I can put my painting supplies away for a while . (just finished a bedroom last week ... boy,is that a story for another day !!)

Have a lovely week Ladies ! Don't forget to check out the other Day Book entries . There are several lovely blogs to read and explore! Go HERE to find them.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

this is not really home

I have a friend who is moving . They already bought the house but have to finish a job up before they can move. Since they already own the house they have already begun transferring things . Her goal is to only have the bare necessities left in the current house to have to move on the official "moving day".
This reminds me of an older person that once told me there was little left holding them here. That all their investments had been moving to heaven so that when they died all they needed was already there. All that was left here was the bare necessities to keep them going until it was time to cross over
(insert rock rift here..."break on through to the other side")
I see this in life more and more as I am forced to become acquainted with death so much more than I would like. I think my mom realized it. She did not embrace her terminal diagnosis the first time she heard it. None of us did . We were shocked and horrified. But I think my mom thought of getting to see her son , her siblings , her parents, her Savior. In mere days after her diagnosis , she was gone. It has been a little over 4 month now and it is not getting easier. We are encountering all the dreaded firsts ...
This week is the 5th anniversary of my brothers death . He was only 49. It is also the first anniversary of my parents wedding that she is not here. They would have been married 56 years.
And then yesterday , my lovely friend Mindy lost her mama. And the barely healed wound on my heart was reopened a little.
There is this thread that runs through this sad ballad in my mind . All of these particular people had health problems for quite sometime. And we all accepted it as their new normal. We move on with life in the new reality and we forget that there is an enemy pacing the side lines ready to pounce. But you know what ? God warns us that we have an enemy ...all of us. An enemy who is "roaming about like a roaring lion , seeking whom he may devour" . So , I may not see him on the side lines , he might be in the parking lot. But he is there.
But I am not all doom and gloom. And neither is life. God gives us plenty of hope and opportunities for joy. "Greater is He that is in me , than he that is in the world" "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" There are so many more reasons for hope and faith and joy.
All of the people mentioned here shared another ribbon , they knew Jesus . We know they are having a glorious reunion in their new home . They had enough sent ahead that moving to the new house made for an easy moving day.
But us here in the old neighborhood are seeing the abandoned houses and missing our loved one. May God help us remember LIFE , love and laughter. And help us imagine the reunion and more. May the God of hope fill us , keep us and one day make our moving day easy.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

So Fast!

I got out a new toy today to celebrate Ms. Busy's new desire to pull up on what ever she can grip and stand up. Sometimes it's only a few seconds , sometimes she makes it a couple minutes. She just turned 7 months. Her uncle (the Prince) just told her today to not forget to be a baby! 
She's a handful , but such a joy!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Old lesson, reenforces

Many years ago God told me I would always have a different perspective . It is a gift but can include a good bit of aggravation factor. Sometimes it is amusing (to me anyway) . But this weekend I went to a small woman's conference at a friends church out of town. And there I was reminded that sometimes it's a lot a trouble !
Now I will start with saying I was hoping for a prophetic conference and it was not. It was foundational teaching and had some very good teaching. They were talking about our identity in Christ. 
They handed out a little pamphlet that had sins you might struggle with . They asked you not to put your name on it but to fill it out. The first section was other religions , the next occultist activity , then onto sexual sins etc.., 
Well .., I do come from a sordid past BUT (!) God has very graciously walked me thru the occult related parts of my past, the sexual sin etc... This is certainly not to say I do not sin. I still have areas I struggle for sure. But anyway... I asked The Lord if I really needed to check those things from my distant past and He said "No" that that's not who I am anymore , so I just sat quietly and prayed. 
Then they brought in these 2 big crosses for people to come up and nail the list of sins to. I was doing well , praying,journaling etc....then someone walked up behind me and rubbed my back - insert perturbed cat expression here - I am not a touchy person by nature. Then the person at my back starts pushing , trying to get me out of my chair...not kidding. I turned around and gave her the perturbed cat face. She says "you need to go up now ". I smiled politely and said "no, I'm ok" she proceeded to say "no, you need to go up" "I said "no, I didn't fill it out" she parroted my answer back to me and then again - indignantly! She walked away. I assumed it was done but no , she went away and brought reinforcement. Another lady comes to try to talk some sense into me. She says I can just take the blank paper up and nail it to the cross. I declined. They kept talking a few minutes and then walked away. 
Once again I assumed it was done ...nope , they cornered me afterwards. Seriously! I apologized and tried to explain. It just wasn't really getting through. They were SO not prepared for someone who did not follow along. 
The next morning I slide in right at start time. The 2nd lady was still speaking ,kindly, to me. The pushing lady would not even look at me. 
I left right before lunch. It was my hubby bd and I really wanted to go see him. It was a 6-7 hour drive but it was so worth it! I was glad I did. 
I explained to the lady who would still talk to me that I was leaving and why. She asked me to wait so I could get my gift and she went and got the lead woman's pastor. Whom I had to explain that yes, I was leaving , no, not because I was mad. She prayed for me and sent me off with a sandwich and chips. Which I ate during a period of prolonged road work! 
Just a reminder to me that I am still not for everybody! Lol

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Content (it's the little things)

It really is the little things that make a house a home. And a homemaker smile! Love these little purple flowers. They make me have a happy smile every time I see them on the window sill. They were saved from the mower in the back yard and lasted for a week in the vase. :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Feathers and precious metals

Going through some of my moms jewelry tonight I untangled necklaces, shined up rings , pulled out some memories found matched and unmatched earrings. As I was putting things away I found two tiny downy feathers in my lap. It seemed like a message . And I will let it be. :-) my heart has some peace tonight that it lacked earlier. And if that is the only gift there is , it's a good one.

Friday, June 13, 2014

So I was thinking tonight ...since God give us pictures of things in the physical shadow or help us picture the spiritual realm. What if the loved ones in Christ who have gone before us are the ones readying the wedding supper of The Lamb! That would mean , my precious brother got to go make bowls ! For God's table. It was his favorite thing to do here on earth.
Since my beautiful mom is no longer sick , in any way I wonder what she is busy doing. She liked to clean so perhaps she is on the straightening up and arrangements committee.
Don Carroll is surely helping with musical arrangements. My grandmother can see perfectly now and would probably be sewing or baking.
Thank God for the reminder that His ways are higher than mine!

Monday, June 9, 2014

New week

My hubby is finally home from the North! We had a lovely afternoon and evening, got to see our grand baby for a few minutes and also visited with my dad. 
I went to church alone , which wasn't as depressing, I suppose because I knew Mr Wonderful would be home soon. 
I still have not managed to get the bathroom finished , but I did get the carpet clean! Mostly clean anyway I do have a couple spots I have to work on :-/. I am beginning to think these might be our last dogs. I just do not enjoy the clean up any more. I love them , don't get me wrong .... But... I just don't appreciate the trash digging, the potty spots, the fur... Maybe it has just been a bad week last week! Lol we shall see.
Big week this week! The princes gf is turning 18 and the princess turns 25. Like woah! I have a 25year old (who has a baby of her own) shocking how fast time goes sometimes! 
Better go, the grand little will be here soon and I am not ready. Blessings!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My last day 43

This is my last day being 43. Tomorrow I will turn 44. This is my first birthday with out my mom here . I found myself looking for a birthday card in the mail. Depressed at the realization I will never see a card in the main with that sweet flow -y script I did not get the mail ... All week. The prince was not aware of my mail strike and brought it in yesterday afternoon while I was away. My Pastors precious wife sent me a card , just to say she loves me and is praying. I cried , but I so needed that. 
God does know. And I needed to be reminded of that!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Some productivity

I got the base coat of paint done on the front bathroom and started the glaze/texture paint. Excited to finally see I done ... Several months later! 
I have decided to do the door with chalk board paint! Now to see if I can find it in white. More soon.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Birthday resolutions

I don't make resolutions on New Years like everyone else. I wait until my birthday approaches to get all introspective and try to access and reinvent . It's a few days early ... But "it'll do pig".
I haven't posted in half of forever and my life has changed irrevocably in that nameless time. I will try to unravel it in thought and word this week. 
I am going to post everyday for a week and see if it helps my brain. I think it will. Writing has always Been therapy for me. 
Look out ...44 here I come!

Friday, April 4, 2014

sanity saver

Well back to visiting the blog to vent and save my sanity!
This has been quite a rough year. . Last year was a whirl-wind. We had an engagement,bridal shower,,wedding,then a baby shower and a baby! Shew! Our beautiful grand daughter was born Dec. 30th...just in time to wrap up the year in a beautiful way!
Now , cue 2014...we lost our long tome fur friend Angus on New Year's day. ,Jan 9th my mother had a stroke . 71 years old. She worked the day before,made dinner and all th  normal things. It was a "wake up stroke" meaning she ha  It in her sleep. It affected her speech,reading and writing. We did a month or so of out patient rehab/speech therapy and she was making good progress. Then she started feeling poorly.
Poorly went to wretched in a couple weeks. Mom ended up in the hospital. She ha  high blood calcium levels and pneumonia. The fluid to flush the calcium collected in her lungs and we almost lost her. She stayed over a week.
She was ordered to get a PET scan and we went Monday. Yesterday's news was not what we hoped for. . The lung cancer returned. It is in th  lymph nodes and some of her bones. It hurts. Sh  is in a lot of pain. An  they have given my precious mom about 6 months.
And so we will try to deal with this leg of th  journey as best we can. God will have to be

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life has taken us on a wild ride lately! I have need to blog so many times and just not had the energy. I am going g to try to back up to the time of my last post and fill in some of the events. It may take several short posts....
Here goes....
Going I into the end of December and the Christmas season life was busy and rocking along. My daughter had her weekly on appointment and we would go for breakfast or lunch. We shopped for gifts and deco