fall leaves

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weddings are exhausting ! Just saying! LOL
We are having a wedding shower for my beautiful daughter this Saturday . AND >>>> Ugh ! Just when I think I have things well in hand I remember yet another detail to attend to and panic mode ensue once again.
I have to wash the jars (rustic look) , Make the meringues , and cut up the cheese for a cheese tray. I have to go with a couple friends tomorrow and decorate the space at church . Not my fort'e ! I usually have my daughter help me with all my event decorating !LOL
I also have to get the icing ready for the cupcakes. :-) I am trying the hydrangea cupcakes I found on Pinterest. Ooooo.....wish me well ! Ha Ha! I made a box  mix of cupcakes so I could practice. They came out pretty well , except I forgot the step that makes the accents on the flowers. :-P
I am also making some little sausage bites I found on Pinterest. If they turn out well I will link the bogs they originated on here.
Have a great night y'all !

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I saw lots of post about May Day on FB. Even some May Pole pictures...from Christians. We really do tend to be ignorant. Sigh....
Forgive it has been a "Sigh" sort of day. multiple reasons.
I think I will read a while instead of posting.
Good night blog-topia.