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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas was good. Not amazing , but good is good! LOL
I was thankful to have both my parents , so many don't have that! My mom is getting stronger (and antsy). It was the Princesses BFs first Christmas with us . Well , time will tell on that one. They seem to fuss alot ! But they also both seem to thrive one it : drives me crazy.
I got a Kindle ...which I am thrilled with ! It is just the basic model but I have already read my first book on it . It is easy on the eyes . I could make the font as big as I wanted. And holding it sideways made it really feel similar to holding a book. So far I have only put free books on it , but I did also get a $50 gift card to buy books with . :-) I need a cover for it and am considering making one. I found several good tutes on-line for free.
We went with a very non-traditional lasagna for Christmas dinner. I did make homemade rolls to fancy it up a bit . Had salad and lots of cookies ! Yea,it's a delicate balance.LOL
I do leave my decorations up until after the first of the year. My walking partner said she began dismantling the decorations as the last guest left ! LOL Different strokes I guess.
More soon y'all , I hope !

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

oh dear...

I have a really good reason why it has been almost 3 months since I posted! In around Oct. my mom got this crazy night vision. It was my brother telling her he's fine (passed away 2 years ago) and she needs to quit worrying about him and take care of herself. My mom testified to this in SS. She said she had cried every single day since he died. But since then she had not been teary. Not that she stopped missing him or anything it was just like a big weight lifted off her.
Then in just a couple weeks she developed a sinus infection,that went into bronchitis. That further developed into pneumonia. 4 antibiotics and a month later she went for a follow-up x-ray to make sure the pneumonia had cleared all the way. And there was a spot that had not gone away,and it was strangely up high in her lung  up by her shoulder. The doctor ordered a CT scan, then sent her to a lung specialist, who eventually sent her for a PET scan. Which did indeed show activity. 2 Biopsies later it was confirmed that she had lung cancer. Just a small tumor , the size of a golf ball.
The Monday after Thanksgiving she had major surgery. They removed 20% of her rt lung. And from there until now , it has been a journey! She is getting stronger everyday and I am so glad i can be there to help most of the time.
Anyway.....I really came on here to share this crazy recipe I made. I was reading The Pioneer Woman's blog and I ran across this recipe for Indian fry bread. It looked so good I wanted it RIGHT NOW! So I set about making some. Then I decided I was going to have to improvise the whole Fry bread taco idea to make due with what I had on hand (how pioneer of me , don't ya think!) Well I ended up with ground beef , taco seasoning, frozen spinach and canned diced tomatoes.Made the fry bread, covered it in my concoction, then smothered it in shredded cheese.....YUMMMMMMMMMM......
Poor hubby wasn't here to enjoy it, that's a great excuse reason to make it again SOON !
So.....next post....Christmas ! See ya'll soon !