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Saturday, November 27, 2010

On to Christmas....

To kick off the Christmas "season" I got up early ....not insanely early like some....and hit a couple Black Friday sales . I went to Athens and went to Sears,Penneys and AE. Then on the way home I went to Tractor supply . I got everything that I had put on the list I made while perusing on-line sale fliers . It was a pretty good success ! I had to order one thing for the princess. They were out of her size but JcP offered free shipping to store and I still got the BF sale price . AND...it gives me an excuse to go browse the mall one day in the next week or so when it's not such a mad-house . It's a win-win situation ! :-)

Thanksgiving was a rousing success . Way too much food , of course ;-) . We had opened it to anyone who didn't have a plan , but it ended up just being family . That's OK . We want to try again next year and spread the word earlier . We raided the house of most of the fall decorations and took them to the church to decorate there. It wasn't planned to be a huge help to me but it was...now, the slate is mostly blank ---ready for Christmas decorations ! I hope to work on that next week but I have an election to work and sometimes that throws things off for days . This is looking to be a small run-off for 2 judges seats so maybe I won't be too wiped out ! It's still a long day !

Today my hubby got down winter clothes for me to go thru . I better go get back to it . The dryer will be done in just a few minits and then I can swap the cloths over . This is only our 2nd cold day this season . But looking at the forecast it is forecast to be much cooler this week and we will be needing the jeans and long sleeve shirts I am finding !

Blessings ! Lora

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving week

I cannot believe this is Thanksgiving week ! This year has FLOWN !
Wednesday would have been my brothers 51st birthday . My mom and Dad are both down with colds. My min-pin is in heat . And I may have bitten off more than I can chew!
We are going to have our Thanksgiving meal at our church . And we put out an open invite to anyone who needed someplace to go . And ppl might actually come ! Ummm....Help me Jesus ! I need some guidance .
So... I guess we will see if He chooses to use us to bless others . He is the miracle worker after-all !

Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This might be my first blogged menu this year! My DH will be home this week (which is unusual) and I decided I need a plan so we don't eat out too much .

Here goes....

Sunday - Chicken Enchilada Stew made with this mix I found at Ross. (I paid $2.99) I made it in the Crock-pot so it was waiting on us after church!

Monday - Baked Chicken per this recipe . It gets lots of stars ! I will serve with baked squash and a pasta side dish.

Tuesday - 15 bean soup with homemade cornbread ! This will be cooked with a HoneyBaked ham bone that you can get at thier store for $5-$6 ....totally worth it !

Wednesday- Left-over Enchilada Stew from Sunday. Church usually means something quick !

Thursday - this is usually my daughters day to cook - so we'll see !

Friday - Baked Country-fried Steaks . It is my friend Gina's recipe . You egg dip and flour batter the chopped steak . Fry it up in a skillet . Then place in a 9x13. Mix up a pack of onion soup mix with hot water . Pour soup over steaks and bake for 20 mins on 350 . I know it sounds crazy , but it is wonderful ! served with corn or baked potatoes and salad(spinach or fruit)

Saturday-Baked French toast

sandwichs and chips with pasta salad

2 for $20 at Applebees for date night !

Sunday - Chinese after church

grilled cheese and soup for dinner


breakfast for dinner
Well that wasn't so hard . I don't know why I hate sitting down and doing it so much ! :-)
Ya'll have a good week !