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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fighting my way up the hill

Yesterday felt like a battle. One I wasn't doing very well in. I was getting poked , prodded and thwarted at almost every turn . I knew the attack was ON.
I shared some of what was happening with my husband. He is my prayer cover . And he took it serious . Even though he did laugh at some of my recounting what had happened. I can say it did seem pretty ridiculous because it was so overt .
Today is a new day. Gods mercies are new every morning and thankfully today was no exception!
I have been hearing God talk to me today . In my language , my learning style , right where I live . He is like that . He is my ABBA Father . His heart is for me . He longs for the fellowship of my company . His nearness is my good .
Here comes the "My language , my learning style " part.
Mark Rutland talked about showing up at a fight and feeling very triumphant . Until he turned around and his big brother was behind him . And he knew that that had been the turning point of the fight that never was . My husband stood behind me in prayer . He called on our big brother Jesus . It was over before it began. I still have the bruises but I fought my way to the top of the hill. And the view is spectacular!
I am praying for and thanking God for the people in Australia who will be praying for the USA . I feel like this country is the Titanic . And in Foolishness , history has repeated itself . Some guy said "not even God can sink it " And his companions all shook their heads in agreement. And there are a lot of passengers that are along for the ride. Enjoying the luxury . Telling the spotter yelling "Iceburg" to shut up they can't hear the orchestra.
There's a country song that says " It takes a little time, sometimes, to turn the Titanic around. " And with lots of prayer and some biblical humble prayer we can see our country turned back to God , back to morality , back to where we should be. "If my people , who are called by My name will humble them selves and pray and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land. There is hope because He is the God of all hope .
Our country as a whole , could crest the rise of the hill and see the dawning of a new day with brand new mercies!

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th Simple Womans day book

Welcome , and blessings! I hope you enjoy a peek into my week . And remember there are many more day book participants here . Wouldn't it be fun if you joined in ? I sure think so !

For Today... April 27th , 2015 . It sounds clich'e but, where the heck did the month go! 

Outside my window...It is an absolutely lovely SPRING day! It is currently 64 and an expected high of 73 (F) today . The sun is out . There is a gentle breeze making the windchime whisper in it's bass tones. The grass just got mowed , and everthing it a riot of green !

I am thinking... About the exterior work we will be getting to have done on our house. I am so excited ! It won't be until late summer but it is going to be here before we know it !

I am thankful...For an unexpected blessing ! And for my hubby getting back safe from his hiking trip . I am even thankful he got rained out and came back a day early . I try to remember to cherish the time I have with him . Even when the house is dirty or I had made other plans. He is my priority !

I am wearing...Hot pink shorts and I black flow-y tank. The pick is pretty far outside my norm but I found them (the shorts) new at a thrift-store and thought ..."eh, why not?" THis is my 2nd time wearing them so I'd say it was a good find !

I am creating...Space ! I am in purge mode and praying that God keeps me in purge mode. I have so much I need to get rid of ! It has been way too long since we have had space . And we are both feeling like God is moving us in a renewed direction . It is exciting and scary and requires change. And if nothing else we are creatures of habit ...every one of us. LOL

I am going... to get my phone looked at over at the Apple store. The volume button isn't working . Whick means the apps don't have sound . Only frustrating for videos and the baby's apps. But I still want it to work. And since it is a good way away , I will make several other stops as well. A thrift store,a pet store, maybe the craft store .

I am wondering...When the stores will come out with Patriotic stuff . I am doing my Living room in Americana < well , my version of it anyway. But I would love to have a couple more accents to sprinkle around.

I am reading...
The Harbinger . I haven't had much time to read so I am still only 1/4 of the way through it .

I am hoping...To make major headway on the downstairs cleanse and purge to surprise my husband! He won't be home until Friday so that gives me time to make bigger changes happen .

I am learning...That I have to pray and then cooperate with the grace God extends.

In my garden...The roses and iris are in full bloom ! It is lovely !

In my kitchen... Probably not as much this week . I am hoping to stick to simple dinners but still nutritious. I know I have to get better about eating well even if it is a "just me " day. I tend to snack around or just forget to eat. I do know I feel better if I ear though. I know we will be doing breakfast for dinner one night for certain ! It's one of my faves !

In the homeschool room...I have been retired from Homeschool for almost 3 years now. But I still have way too many books , and some of them are indeed still from the school days ! I am hoping to be purging some of those as well . I will pass them along to friends who still have students in active scool mode.

A favorite quote for today...

A peek into one of my days...

One of my favorite things...Oh , come now . Those that have visited before know I was not going to miss having a picture of my cute grand daughter even if I don't have her today ! LOL

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

God can be a name dropper!

Randomly watching some tv tonight I was surprised to hear a speaker talking about writing books, getting self-published,alternative sharing of your "story "... And since God is developing a story in my mind I was paying attention. It turns into testimony time from different people who have had God show up and show out. Awesome testimony! Then chattering along he is talking about a great revival and starts naming people involved. He say Mel T and everyone knows who he means. I had to laugh! This is who we saw just a couple weeks ago in a small meeting. God was name dropping! But it did work! Not only did I listen but I recorded it so Mr Wonderful can hear it this weekend! 
My favorite quote from the part I saw... "Coincidences aren't. " I might PVPP that! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Welcome to my April 13th Day Book ! If you enjoy reading mine please go check out the other entries and give some "blog love" to Mrs. Peggy who hosts this fun Monday meme! http://thesimplewoman.blogspot.com/

Today I am thinking - About death and taxes and rain and naps and how quickly time goes by. Dangerous question for an ADD mind . LOL I am also thinking about how much I love seeing the squirrels precariously perched in the Maple trees eating the helicopter seeds as fast as they can . It is a short season but so fun to watch !

I am thankful - That my hubby is coming home today for the wild , far flung reaches of IOWA! LOL
Hey , it's a l-o-n-g way from Georgia ! Too far !

I am wearing - jean shorts and a teal and black blouse. It's one  of those great materials that you can heap any-ole-place and pick it up and it is not wrinkled ! It's almost chilly to day with the rain so I am probably changing into pants soon !

Today I am going - to get Mr. Wonderful from the airport ! YAY!!!

I am creating - well, I am trying to try to create my very 1st PVPP project. That stands for Paint, vinyl, paint, peel. I am trying the "Love grows best in little houses" verse . I really like it and I think it will help me have a good/better attitude in my house.

I am wondering - I am wondering why I keep getting headaches in the mornings. I think it is the pollen . It could be barometric pressure since we have had a lot of lovely spring rain. I have been using essential oils to help . (so I am taking less OTC meds) Lemon, lavender, and peppermint is good for allergies and a pre-made blend called "past-tense" that I use if it is in my neck. I don't really care for the smell of it . It has a hefty dose of Wintergreen in it but it works well.

I am reading - The Harbinger , I haven't had much time for reading this week . My daughter has been being trained at her new job and it has meant I had the baby more ! And I have been trying to get taxes finished for my dad and son.

I am hoping - that they finally have my hubby work truck fixed correctly . This is the 3rd try! Ugh! It only has 32,000 miles on it and it has had some serious front-end problems . I told him if the dealer does not get it right this time we might have to call the company . SIgh ! I would rather that it was just done and done right !

I am learning - that even though I don't have a "go to work , get a paycheck " job I still feel like my time is worth something . It frustrates me when people think my time is worthless and that my work is just expected and should be cheap or free because "it's not like you were doing anything"

I am pondering - How I could better use the space I have . After 20+ years it is ever evolving .

In the kitchen - Just coffee right now ! I have Major Dickensons K-cups by Peets . They are the best ! And I unexpectantly got a blessing as they were on sale at my grocery store and they did not ring up right at the register . So I got 2 of them at the sale price and one for free . The manager said it is store policy . I just saw it as a blessing. I had contemplated if I really needed to spend that much on coffee .

quote for my week -

A peek into my day - There isn't a peek yet . LOL I will try to come back and post something in a bit !

Well this "day-book " stretched out over 2 days and I am posting late. I hope I still get a few comments though. They always make me smile!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Simple Womans day book/ April 6

I haven't done this in quite some time and I must say ... I have missed it ! Miss Busy keeps me BUSY!  So here goes!

Outside my window ... Spring has sprung ! And today is all about those April showers , though I must say the "may flowers" are popping already too. :-)

I am thinking - About dinner ....sorry , rather shallow , lol ...but it is smelling SO good ! Nothing fancy . Frozen pizza and leftover ribs. The ribs were so delicious! I will try to find the link for the recipe . It is all done in the oven in foil. No mess, no hassle ! My hubby said he wants them that way every time now . I guess I will have to start watching for good sales on ribs now!

I am thankful - that Both my children started a new job today! They have both been needing something different and they both are making more money than the previous jobs they held. All Praise to God !

I am wearing - a cute , comfy track suit. Black and pink . I had to be up at 5 to take my hubby to work because his truck is in the shop. So it had to be EASY ! LOL Yes , I am fully aware that some people do this every day . I haven't had to in a very long time.

I am creating - A lot of things with my essential oils . I might be a tad bit OCD about it ! LOL I have cleaners , replacements for some OTC meds , air fresheners , laundry stuff . My husband said I have to start labeling them . Too many spray bottles .

I am going - to be taking my husband to the airport this week . I hope to make a brief foray to the very large farmers market that is in that area .

I am reading - Well... some antique recipe books and blogs. I have found some interesting info and a couple recipes to try . Here is one that I will be making -

Beat the whites of nine fresh eggs to a stiff froth, then mix with it fifteen spoonfuls of finest white sugar, and five or six drops of essence of lemon. Drop them on paper with a teaspoon, sift sugar over them, and bake them in a slow oven.
"Directions for Making Cake," American Recipes from 1864.

A peek into my day -

In the garden - Just a vague plan . I want to at least have a couple tomatoes and some cukes.
And , gosh , I hope it happens this year ! 2 whole years with out a garden ! Sigh . last year was just too hard .

Best close out . I have to clean up from the baby being here . It has been a very long day . And the next one will be starting in NO TIME ! :-)

If you guys enjoyed the day book idea go here to visit many more ! And hopefully you will jump in and play along if you haven't yet !

Blessings blog friends ! You are loved and prayed for !
                                                                                    Lora Lee

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hope you are having a blessed Resurrection Sunday ! It is a lovely spring day here in my little corner of GA . The birds are singing , the pollen is thick and there will be record numbers of people at churches all across the bible belt . My heart is heavy for the people who will show up to impress their mama or check it off the yearly list . May the Holy Spirit be busy bringing hearts to repentance today . I pray there are many new names written in the Lambs Book of Life today .
Hopefully I will get back here this coming week to expound on the many things going on ! To God be the glory!
Under His Grace , Lora Lee
Happy Easter Sunday 2015