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Monday, April 25, 2011

Once a month blogging ?

Well I would love to do once a week blogging ! But in 2 years it just hasn't happened ! Sigh ... I am going to try scheduling it into my Cozi acct and see if that helps .

I totally want to start taking pictures of some of the stuff I do and getting to play along with some of the craft memes I read . That's my newest addiction , craft blogs and "round-ups" . Pshew ! I feel better after confessing that ! HA !

OK....so as a general catch-up on life... My mom is doing much better ! Thank You Jesus ! She went back to work last week . It was probably a bit soon , because it wore her out completely! But she did OK . Her Dr. check-up went well . And now she should have check-ups pretty regularly.

Easter Sunday was quite lovely ! The weather was out-standing ! High of 80 and pure GA sunshine ! We did a very informal after church lunch at my moms . Deli meat sandwiches and home-made (by me) mac and cheese. Potato salad , deviled eggs , pasta salad (made by me - that was a FLOP! It's the only tastefully simple thing I have ever made that we didn't like !) All 7 of us got together and it was quite nice.

We went to NC to visit some precious friends a couple weeks ago . We started having car trouble on the way there . Not until we hit the mountains , so we were already far from home. We did make it . The car continued to mess up while we were there . It seriously messed up our plans! I couldn't explore on my own at all . DH took alot of time (and quite a bit of $$) working on the car. ~to no avail~ SIGH ~!

It took us 6 hours to make it home from what should have been a 2 & 1/2 hour trip . Yeah! Seriously! We asked our neighbor , who is a mechanic to please help us get it fixed. He found out there was a recall on the fuel pump . The fuel pump is what my dear daddy said it probably was after the things we tried in NC didn't work. We had a 3 week fiasco trying to get Ford to make good on replacing the recalled part . 3 weeks , 3 dealerships and numerous phone calls later and my little focus is back on the road ! I am so glad to have reliable wheels again ! I have been so frustrated I have seriously considered trading it in but I 1. really like it 2. only found 2 others I liked (and they'd use more fuel) 3. I'd have to sell this one to get another. 4. I hate change !

I hope to go pick Strawberries this week . They are in season at our local farm . I can make some jam ! Ummmm! I will try to post pictures of what I pick and/or make !

The prince went on a 2 field trip last week . One took him all the way to OHIO ! When I realized both my boys would be in OH , but not together , and neither with me & their dad, I was very sad ! But he had a blast and really enjoyed the Creation Museum . He was completely impressed that you could touch everything ! Tells you what kind of learner he is , huh? LOL . I wish I would have sent a camera with him ! Oh,well !

Better go get back to my wonderful life . I have boocootles to do today !

Blessings all ! Lora Lee