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Monday, October 27, 2008

It has been an odd week . Last Tuesday something happened to my DH back and he was home the rest of the week . He was maxed out on personal time , so he did need to take some . We had just rather been able to use it under different circumstances . But God was very kind ! The time was there to take . We got along pretty well and just hung out . And today when he had to go back to work he said it was completely fine ! WOW !
Friday we tried to go to a local Judgement house . But they were not doing it that day . So we went out to eat @ Ruby Tuesdays and went to see Kung-FU Panda @ the dollar theater (which is actually the $1.99 theater) LOL . We treated the Princess and her intended to a pretty fun evening .
But then Friday a very tragic accident took the precious life of one of said intendeds friends . He has worked hard at dealing with his own loss and trying to be there for others who are hurting . He held together all Friday night and then Saturday when he got to our house he fell into the princesses arm and sobbed like a baby . It was SO heart wreching !! It is a new place for her to be learning to stand with the gallant young man the Lord has so graciously given to her ! It is awesome watching God develop this relationship . And , with His grace , He is letting them learn many important things before they are married and out on thier own .
It looks like , with out Gods intervention, the princly proteg'e may have to have some surgery . Yet another thing for them to learn of each-other thru . What satan means for harm God is always redeeming for our good . Wow ! It truly amazes me !!
Ok , I guess I have rambled enough today ...there is just SO much on my mind !
My next post will be a late MPM . Sigh ....life is many things , but seldom boring !

Saturday, October 25, 2008


So .. I get to watch the most amazing thing happen . God has brought my daughter her future spouse . And they are trying hard to do things the right way . Wow . They are courting/dating .

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back on Track MPM

Monday - Homemade Chili served with cheese , crackers , Fritos and sour cream

Tuesday - Chicken Pot Pie (homemade crust , frozen veggies)

Wednesday- We have been eating out on Wednesdays , it give J & R a little more time together

Thursday - Chicken and Dumplins ....hear the cheers rise ! Mom finally said yes to making this ! LOL

Friday - Hot Dogs with corn and salad , it has to be quick - we are prob. going to see one of the Judgement House type plays

Saturday - Big breakfast in the morning , but evening will be all left-overs

Sunday - Cornbread and beans (kept warm in the crock pot for after church)

I made Pizza Pockets last week that turned out WONDERFUL and I will post that recipe later ! Blessings for your week ! Lora

Friday, October 17, 2008


Yep , I am Thanking GOD it is Friday ! DH is coming home from TN today . And I have many other reasons to celebrate the day ! :-) I love my family , even the furry ones : even when they're sick ! One of the kitten got really sick in the house today . Thankfully it was on the dogs bed and it is washable . So out in the rain it went for a few minits and then directly into the washer ! Which lead me to the discovery that I need laundry soap . Ah , it really is constant , isn't it ?!?

I love Rachel Anne's post over at Home Sanctuary today . Yall go on over and check her out ! I am trying to post her site on my blog roll ...but it's being difficult .

better go , that banana bread is smelling done so I need to go check it . If we like the results I will post the recipe here later in the week .

Blessings !

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well , life gets crazy ...as we all do know ! So ...I have not posted in a couple of weeks . I was really beating myself up about it and thinking of doing away with the whole blog . But then a friend told me that she is a sporadic poster as well and may post a few days in a row then not at all for weeks . So , with renewed vigor , I am back ! LOL .... Thanks Donna !

I took the prince bowling with a couple of his friends today . It was pretty good . And since Donna is always full great info , I also got some great ideas . We might be able to get involved in some 4H stuff that would actually be enjoyable ...like archery ! The idea bears more investigation on my part .

I did some more canning . I did alot of pear combos . since I had gotten quite a few pears for free . I did a lovely spiced pear jelly . It used red-hots , which were really hard to find by the way . You can find that recipe here
http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Cider-Jelly I used fresh pear juice , not cider . The taste is very good and it is such a pretty red that I think it will make lovely Christmas gifts .

I haven't been posting my menu , and DH is out-of-town so I am not good at doing the whole routine when he's gone . But DD intended has been coming for dinner once a week so that keeps me anchored on task a little better . It is definately something I continue to work on ! I will ost the menu for next week ! And to be realistic .. may not be back on here until then ! So go find me on facebook , I am there more often ! LOL