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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had our big family and friends gathering at our "neutral location" . It was beautifully decorated , wonderfully fragrant and overflowing with abundance ! We had about 20 people in attendance and fed almost 30 people !
It was still pretty painful , the missing loved ones are still much missed , but this day we choose to love , to celebrate LIFE and GRACE and each other. It was good . God was there with us . Encouraging us to LOVE and serve . And sometimes it is His holy nudge that keeps us going and doing .
There was a lot of action and laughs today . The type that life with a toddler , who has been aptly named "Ms. Busy" , brings about . I think my favorites were when she found the cranberry jel , left with-in her reach and cut into tantalizing little fist sized globs. She ate several handfuls ! And we were thankful that her Thanksgiving dress was appropriately ...cranberry colored ! ;-)
My , wind knocked out moment was at the end of the afternoon . I was placing dishes into the piles to make sure they went home with the right people and there was a smallish crock-pot on the counter. I turned it around to see who's it was and it had my moms name on the top , in her handwriting . I sucked in a big breath and bit back the tears that sprang to my throat .
Altogether a rousing success. I have threatened that next year we are doing tacos. The whole traditional thing is SO involved ! I love it all right up to the day of . Well , actually , I am that way about a lot of things!
Better close off . Hubby is dozing in the corner of the couch .He has been working some weird shifts and I know he is tired! Poor guy !

He's two picture to complete todays post.....

Monday, November 9, 2015

Old homestead

I have realized why old farm houses that sit by themselves speak to my heart. 
You see I live in a sub-division. It's an older sub-division so we do have a respectable amount of space. And there are bout 4 styles of houses and slight variations there of. So they are not the cookie-cutter block situation. But that being said these houses were made by a builder. The original owners (some of them) got to pick from the choices available and include a couple customization details. We are not the original owners- there are definitely things I would do differently. Number one being the kitchen. The stove is right next to the refrigerator- I mean , who does that?! It makes no sense. 
But when I see an old farm house my heart stirs. I realize I do not have the skill or drive to own and take care of one but ... Oh , my heart! That was someone's dream. Literally blood, sweat and tears. The kitchen window was place just so ... For the wife's own reasons. Facing the sunset, or maybe the family cemetery. Or the gate that her husband would be walking in and out of at the beginning and end of every day.
Yes, indeed, I know why old farmhouses speak to my heart!