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Monday, February 23, 2009

crazy week ... but God gets the glory !

Last Sunday we got word that Crystal River was ready to film the next video and they would need my DH . So ... we started making arrangements to make it all happen so we could go to Orlando , FL . We had pretty much everything lined up except calling our dear friend to take care of pet care . (there's only a handful of people my min-pin wont try to eat , or at least convince them she will!) Then Tuesday we get a call that the video is being re-schedle for another time . So , we went with that . But our week/weekend was already cleared out .
Wednesday , I took Kitty to the vet . He is 15 and I was afraid that the cold he caught from the kittens might do him in ! I got meds and needed to watch him close ....but I really didn't get to !
Thursday I went to get my dad to take him to take his drivers exam . He passed with no problems ! Yeah ! But my mom had stayed home sick from work and when we got back she was much sicker than when we left . Even tho' we were only gone a couple of hours . We made a doctors appt for her and ran to the store for somethings she needed . When we got back from the store she looked even worse ...GRAY ! She wanted us to call an ambulance and she was pretty scared .
It turns out that she had diarrhea since about 5:30 the previous afternoon . Then sometime in the night she started bleeding rectally . But she wanted my dad to pass his test with out additional worries . She had actually lost a dangerous amount of blood !
I already had Thursday cleared and one of our fellow HS moms was going to have the prince in the afternoon ...and she volunteered to pick up the princess once all this got in motion ! Thanks HC !! I rode in the ambulance with my mom . I had to ride up front and also had to concentrate alot so I wouldn't get car sick ! LOL , not a touch I wanted to add ! Anyway ... on the way there the dispatcher radios that the hospital we were in route to was turning patients away because they were full . The paramedic suggested we go to another one since that is where they would send us anyway . But I asked to go to the first one with the thought that that one has all my moms medical records . I could tell how NOT thrilled they were with my decision . But I stuck to it .
When we got to the hospital we were told to expect to be turned away . But we were waved in ! Then we were told to expect an hours long wait . But a nurse followed the stretcher in and started getting info . then they told the medics that she would have a room in a few minutes . In about 10 minutes we were in a room ! The staff was very attentive and kind . I was so surprised !
After several hours of tests and treatment the decided to admit my mom . The Doctor came in and told us how full the hospital was and that we should expect her to spend all night in the ER since there were no beds .
A half hour later I went to the nurses station to get something for mom and the nurse said ..."Oh , they have a room almost ready . Someone will be down to get her soon."
How cool is that ?!?! Soon they had her in a private room and had her situated . I was able to wait for the nursing staff to change shifts so I could meet the night nurse . And I went home knowing my mom was in great care ...GODS ! He had ordered things so well .
When I got home my wonderful children had straightened up the house so I wouldn't be stressed out . And the princess had made a simple , but satisfying dinner for herself and the prince . Oh , I am SO blessed !
Later I realized that God had taken care of another very personal matter for me . It further allowed me to think on what need my attention most and just deal with things as they came . (E-mail me personally if you can't stand the curiosity!)
Mom came home Saturday , having been diagnosed with Colitis . The bleeding stopped and she is resting . We are still waiting for the biopsy results to see what the cause was . It could be Salmonella or a virus .
When my DH came home Friday we stayed home and had a nice eat-in night . The princesses beau was sick so we all stayed home ...it was rather nice !
And Saturday ,since the calendar was cleared for filming, we had a relaxed day trying a new restaurant and going to see a movie . At a regular theater ! Gasp ! That NEVER happens ! We went to see TAKEN on the recommendation of one of hubby's co-workers . It was good and opened many discussion avenues for us with the children . The language was rough . I usually will walk out on one that takes the Lords name in vain (and this one did once ) . I am actually thinking of writing a letter to the lead character and asking him to consider negotiating scripts to not use those phrases . He may not know it still offends some people !
What do you think ?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Our days filled up when we started school back in January ! Now we have weekly and monthly extra science . Bowling league one day a week . Church two or 3 times a week etc .... so ....my poor blog gets pushed aside .
I have still been menu planning (mostly) DH is out of town alot right now and I am much more lax on the meal dept. when he is gone . My kids love to tell me about it too ! LOL
I am also in a bit of a de-cluttering mode ! Praise God , someone must *seriously* be praying for me ! I am still overwhelmed if I look around , but bit by bit I can pick one small project per day .
I was blessed by finding the bookshelf I wanted on CraigsList for a very low price . I am moving the old one to my bathroom to become the new towel shelf . My old towel shelf is going to my moms for the princes room there . It is a kids entertainment center so I think it will actually save space for him there .
We had a couple of 70 degree days here ! I had almost forgot how much I love that median range ! A light jacket in the morning , ss in the afternoon . Ahh...and ,today, I miss it already ! It is 55 & cloudy now . I started out in ss , but now I have a blankie around my shoulders ! LOL I did pick out clothes and will change next time I am up-stairs .
We got the kittens fixed ! Yeah ! But the downside is now they seem to have a sneezy cold . Yep , both of them ! :-(
What else has happened since my last post ? Hmmm...oh yes , I found out I am a bonafide stress eater ! Might seem obvious to others , but until last week I would have said "no , not me" . Then some icky stuff happened between me & DH and the diet plans went right out the window . I had done well the week before ...even lost 2 lbs ! But that will NOT be the case this week I fear . And , of course , If I am not eating right , my mood suffers . SO , I am beginning to come out of the cloud/funk now . But I am still apprehensive about what is coming this weekend when DH gets home . I sincerely hope this will not be a ruined Valentines ! Sigh ~ OK , the cloud isn't gone completely ~
I will be posting my menu soon ....better late than never !
And next week I will try to get it out on time ! Next week is payday for us so that also mean the regular grocery trip . The last trip was made while our house was in the middle of flu-crisis . I am so glad that is past !