fall leaves

Saturday, September 21, 2013

trying something different

One of my bloggers friends often posts her frugal Friday finds. Things to grace and bless her home that she has found at thrift stores or rummage sales.
I really like the idea! But....I have been avoiding thrifting and yard sales ! I am trying to get rid of stuff from around here! Purge mode/our cup runneth way over! lol
Well...Saturday was rainy and I had a bit of cabin fever. The hubs had to work , the kid was out with friends . So I braved the rain and hit up a thrift store.
I found ....a beautiful silver menorah ,
a pampered chef apple peeled on the stand! , a Willow tree "new dad" (for less than $2!) , I also got a super cute lantern/candle holder. I couldn't get a picture of it , my room was too dark.
I am very excited about my treasures!
Now back to purge mode. Our church is having another freebie swap shop and Want a big box of what-nots to take!
blessings! Lora

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Harvest happiness

There was not much time this summer for my usual harvesting and canning. But last week I was blessed with a gallon baggie of frozen blueberries plus another half. My friend is moving and cannot take some stuff with her ! So I got it to have the berries! Today I am making syrup from this incredible blessing ! :-) I have made syrup every year for about 4 years now and I was a little sad that I was not going to have any for this winter. And besides my new son-in-law loved the jar I gave him last year. My dd said he rationed it out. It is wonderful on ice-cream,yogurt, and of course,pancakes! :-)
This week has been odd. My DH was supposed to be home until Friday but he got sent out early. So I am trying to use this week for things I don't usually get to do. Like paint ,and hopefully move furniture ! I hope to have it changed and tidy by the time he comes back home . I would love to have the front bath painted too but I would not want to over-plan . Then I might crash and burn ! :-( Yea,it's happened before!
I had a classic ADD moment. I was cleaning u the counter prepping to make the syrup . I had a partial bottle of wine on the counter. To make space I emptied the contents into a sobe bottle and stuck it in the fridge. Fast forward 6 hours .... I was putting lunch stuff away and espied the sobe bottle. I thought "yum" ! Spun the top and started to take a sip ....whew! glad I sniff everything first ! This is medicinal wine and not sweet at all so I'd have gagged or spewed it! LOL  I put it back in the fridge , to the back this time ! LOL
Better go , my jars should be ready for filling!
Blessings , Lora

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I will never forget 9/11 .......
I was sitting at home , the kids were still in public school then. My husband had left his two way Nextel radio home. I heard my brothers voice chime in on the radio saying "HEY!" . I picked up and said "he left it at home today ,sorry" and it chirped again and he said "You got the tv on ? Turn the tv on" I started to ask why , I heard him say something about "plane" . I was speechless looking at part of a plane sticking out of a building I had only seen on post cards and news show back drops. The reporter was talking 90 miles a minuit . I was telling my brother some of what they were saying. I watched in horror as the 2nd plane crashed. I began to tell him about it. It took my mind several tries to comprehend this wasn't cinematography . That this was real. It was real people dying and panicking and running and screaming. As I was telling Loy all I could see and hear my husband called. We talked about if I should go get our children from school.The plane hit the pentagon . We talked about the possibility of Atlanta being a target. (we are less than 100 miles from there) Charlotte could be a target. We prayed. We heard about the plane that did not reach it's target. It was such an awful day . Such awful news that just kept coming in waves. I hope our country never forgets , I know I never will.
It is a bittersweet memory to me because I can so clearly remember hearing my brothers voice and our conversation. And this side of heaven I will never hear it again. And I surly miss the random phone calls asking for "Ms. Dictionary". Wave him over and give him a hug for me today plz Lord. :*)