fall leaves

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1/2 way thru June

Gee ... I am glad I kow God says He is making the time short for the benefit of the saints ! Because it is alittle disconcerting to watch it whizz on by !
This is the day I have put EVERYTHING else off to stay home and get some MUCH needed cleaning done . I have done terrible lately and i am getting to the point I do not like my home . Not a fun place ! It seems like as soon as we made a plan to get rid of clutter it piled in on me more oppersively then ever !
The princess is gearing up for VBS . The prince is driving me bonkers waiting for a new air-soft gun he ordered . And the ceiling fan in the kitchen DIED this morning . Sigh . My hubby looked at the bright side and said " it lasted a long time" . And it did ! I just want a good deal on a new one . And I spent time browsing on-line today looking at different styles . I think I will go with antique brass (like the cabinet hinges) or white . Not sure . I have to have flush mount and I don't want to spend more than $100 . Hmmm.....
Guess I better run ! Gotta clean the other side of the kitchen now , this concludes my break . :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The princess turns 20

Our princess turns 20 on Sunday ! WOW ! It is so hard to believe ! And it is harder to believe that she still doesn't have her license ! I am making her drive once everyday this week . To or from work or church (since we have church stuff all but Monday and Friday this week!) It's interesting . She is scared but I am praying that she will become more comfortable as it gets to be more familiar .
We will do a family dinner Saturday or Sunday . And she has requested that I make this cake . Looks tasty ! And not TOO hard . She wants to make a couple of changes . Omit the coconut , for the princes benefit . And add a layer of raspberry jam to the layer . I bought a Wal-Mart cake for her one year that was white cake and had a thin layer of jam between the layer . It stuck in her mind as her favorite ! LOL
She almost asked for an Oreo cake ...because I make the best one ever ! But her ex-intended made a point to say that was his favorite . So , since she is not completely healed from his abandonment she opted for something else . It has been hard watching her walk thru all that mess . But , on the bright side , there have been so many women that have share a testimony with her about how they were sure that a particular guy was THE one and God said NO in one way or another . But HE brought something better . How HE is faithful and worth waiting for His best for you . It has been very encouraging to witness !

volunteers !

The Prince and I have been working hard in the garden trying to keep ahead of the weeds ! Ugh ! Some days it feels like they are winning ! But it is lovely to see all the veggies coming in . We have one cuke the is big enough to come in but we are letting it get bigger .
Speaking of cukes ....I was showing the prince the deluge of morning glories at the base of the fence between the garden plots . And telling him they could stay as long as we head them up the fence when they start vining . He looks down and says "yea , but what's that ?" I said "morning glory" he said "NO that triangle shaped leaf?!" I looked where he was pointing and lo & behold !! There are about 15 baby cucumber plants all in a bunch ! They must be the off-spring of on that got lost in the weeds at the end of the season last year . You know ...when you can't imagine how you can eat another cucumber , maybe for the rest of your life ?!? LOL .
God is SO kind . He knows just how long it takes to make our mouths water again at the thought of fresh veggies ! We are SO fickle . Manna never seems like enough . Shame on us !

Anyway ...I am going to leave the baby cukes there . I might take one or two and try them in a pot since I have wanted to try that and these guys didn't cost me anything . :-) I am very excited !

I hope to take some pictures tomorrow and get them posted on the garden progress ...so...be back soon !

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday June 1st

Hmmm....a brand new month started .Saturday I will start on a new year . And i am trying to start a new schedule . Lots of new stuff !
I tried my small pressure cooker for the first time today . I thought it was a bit scary . I did find some great sites on-line to help me out . It has a weighted gauge and it jiggling around kind of freaked me out at first .

I have spent 2 days (in part) blanching corn and cutting it off the cob . Then scrapping the cob and putting it in zipper bags to either freeze or can . My freezer space is a commodity , so I am hoping to can most of it .

I am making dinner for our pastors family tonight . (And we will eat the same) Turkey Breast roast , creamed corn , sliced tomatoes , coffee cake . Now I gotta go make the coffee cake ! I found a great recipe here http://www.tasteofhome.com/SiteSearch/FacetSearchResults.aspx?search=coffee+cake&st=2&vw=1&page=8&rs=10&sort=0 I went with a regular cinnamon type . I saw one that looked great ! But I realized I do not currently own a bundt pan ! :-/

Odd huh ? Better run , if I sit down too long I will be napping ! Ugh !