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Friday, May 27, 2011

May on the way out

May has been super busy and quite eventful . I had a few issues , mostly of my own making ! I over-scheduled myself and then my DH had 2 weeks in-town . Now, having my love in town is a blessing ~ don't get me wrong ! But it does change at home . I try to do nice dinners. I try to tidy or do something that shows some results s it doesn't look the same as when DH left in the morning . Now , obviously , if it was BH&G prefect looking the same would be fine ....ummmm....yeah......NO ! That's really not my life. It is a work in progress tho'. Most days I do try . Anyway....not trying to defend myself....just facts.
Hubby and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary this month . The young prince and I worked 2 charity events. A drag race . That was interesting...and LOUD ! I had a good time , made a new friend. It was a 15 hour day . But thru that , the prince has his camp fees paid completely . Love that !
Our other event was a golf tournament . That one benefited the local crisis pregnancy center . It's one of our favorite ministries. We got to judge the prize package hole-in-one shots . My hole was a new Ford Fusion , the Prince was presiding over a vacation prize . But we were on a golf cart , able to find shade , read , watch the critters . It was not a hard day . The prince befriended a squirrel , that he named Frank. Frank was really just a free-loading opportunist who was more than happy to share the sunflower seeds that have become the princes warm weather companion .
And then the prince had an impacted wisdom tooth remove yesterday . UGH ! Lots of pain , lots of swelling , ice, jello . Poor guy . At 16 he is always hungry , and then when your culinary world narrows to broth and jello...he was starving ! I made a turkey tenderloin and mashed potatoes. He ate the potatoes with the broth/drippings off the turkey . He is normally gravy phobic so it was a big step . He was desperate ! LOL Poor guy!
Today he is sleeping in . Which is a rare treat in our house ! Really rare ! I will go wake him soon . He needs the antibiotic . He may choose to fore go the pain meds . He is not much on meds....wonder where he gets that from ....HA ! He choose not to take the calming pill before the dentist . He also declined having the "laughing gas" . What a guy !
Better go , I have several things I'd like to get done today. Not sure how much will get done , but I have to try , right ?!
Blessings friends !
Love ya'll ! Lora

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Here it is May ! In 2 days my dh and I will celebrate our 21st anniversary! It is a very exciting moment in our lives. And to God be the glory ! We were literally bet against. The shortest time ? 2 weeks , the longest ? 6 months ! HA ! We were married about 9 years when we got saved . Things were SO NOT GOOD ! But God (I love that phrase! "BUT GOD!") stepped in . I was saved in March and my hubby in Aug. . We re-married in May the next year . We felt like it was important since we had lived together first , then went to the JP to get married (we already had a Little one). So yes, this is special !
I posted 6 books on paperback swap today . I think 5 were on wish-lists ! :-) Awesome !
I am working on our dining room chairs this week too . As soon as I figure out how to get a pic from my phone to my blog I will post the before picture .
Blessings all !
Lora Lee