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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday rest

Today is Sunday . The day of rest . It has been a good one .
Church was wonderful . God is doing some really cool stuff ! The worship leader even threw in an old hymn that many of us didn't know and it worked . In a Contemporary Worship service only God can do that ! :-)
I got a nap after church . Took the prince to "coffee house" , checked on my S-I-L's kitties , dabbled in the pond area for a few minits . Resisted the siren song of the ice-cream truck (that darn chipwich was calling my name!) And made a simple dinner that was scarffed up by all ! Pretty sucessful day ! :-)
I have been thinking about blogging about my escapades in trying to follow FlyLady . And I am newly addicted to craft blogs and blog parties . I will have to post a few of my own ideas...if I ever have time to actually craft them . I guess it equates to less computer time (:-/) which I need to work on anyway ! :-P
Ok ... gotta go start the dishwasher since hubby is out of the shower now !
Blessings !