fall leaves

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the day after Christmas

It' s December 26th! We survived the Mayan end and Christmas. I wasn't worried about the whole Mayan thing.I know what scripture says about no man knows the end. But Christmas... that's another story! I was indeed concerned about how that would come together!
My wonderful son put the tree up last week.I did some minor decorations outside.Hubby put lights on the cross. It was a better late than never type of season. As usual I was still wrapping gifts at midnight on Christmas eve. Hubby did help a lot this year! And that's kind of a first! We went on a marriage retreat in the fall and I found out I really enjoy working in the kitchen with his help. 23 years later...who' d have thought?! We baked cookie batches together last weekend. I even got new cookie sheets for the occasion! It was fun!
We did get all but one gift delivered on time. I was glad of that! Amazon loves me this year.I will have certainly paid for my Prime membership this year! I think most everyone was happy with their gifts. I got a vacuum(which I asked for) and 2 cooking pans.A new wedding ring,a new kindle fire he (yay) fun stuff!!
Tonight is is cold and windy. Small bits of sleet/snow. yucky- Ness! I am making my friends cheeseburger soup recipe! I will try to review it here tomorrow. :)She made me a wonderful notebook with a zipper pouch for receipts from Christmas . pockets for favorite recipes,pages for traditions and memories.etc...
Better run...I have a sore spot in my mouth and I need to go find some Tylenol. I would usually take Motrin but my cycle was a no show this month so I don' t want to take any chances. I have a few other suspicious symptoms too...but it' s been a really L- O- N- G time since I have needed to even think about it! LOL
 Blessings y' all!
Lora Lee

Friday, December 14, 2012

My word,it has just been crazy here lately! We have our 23yo staying here (with her dog) . We found we had a possum vacationing in our garage ..DH and I taught at a marriage conference last weekend. And the young buck got a temp. Job that I was having to run him back and forth to. This week we had an election, which monkey wrenches the whole week. And my car blew the water pump. So today I have been " forced to stay home! And happily! I have made some serious headway in our room. It's supposed to be a sanctuary. I have been guilty of letting it be a dumping ground, pre-yard sale looking catastrophe. Trying to change that!
well to quote one of my sons favorite commercials "what the ho-ho-heck were you thinking ?!" I was thinking I wanted to blog once at least once a month,maybe as often as once a week. I almost made it back in the summer...in my mind anyway! I took the pictures to post and everything! Then I found it was kind of a pain to try to post from my phone , but all my neat pics were on the phone. Oh and my "smart phone"is sometime smarter than me. Except when it acts retarded. Which is fairly often. The technology seems to have surpassed the hardware that is currently available. Next time I'll bite the bullet and just go with an I-Phone. My son chose an I-phone over a cruise for his graduation gift. And after playing with it a bit I may see why! I purposely avoided political ranting posts. Oh, don"t get me wrong, I could go there but didn't really want to. And yeah BTW my guy didn't win. Most of my thoughts are pretty much polar opposite as to what the current admin is carrying out. My only real response is "Even so , come Lord Jesus" . I personally thing alot has yet to hit the fan , and persecution is coming but we still must ask . And make it our hearts cry. OK, no ranting, so ...moving on! My prayers this year were so geared toward Gods intervention in a wayward adult child's life. Our hearts were breaking to see the choices being made. And knowing how much of it was pride and rebellion. Oh the pain and panic for a mothers (and fathers!) heart. To know that your kiddo is in danger,even to possible death and they choose to stay there. Sigh... God graciously answered many of those prayers! Our dd has been thru more and worse than we ever would have wanted. But she is out of the situation . And after a while is even back home for a while. I think it's a God thing. And I try to remind myself that at frustrating moments. Our youngest graduated in May and is a huge source of heat for the prayer furnace currently. His choices,interests , needing a job,needing direction. Whoa. Overwhelming. More than you ever realize! We need to pray harder now with adult children than when they were little. And God has added a new one to pray for. Possibly a soon to be son in law. In 2013 I plan to again try to post more often. I have to figure out how to do pictures now that I am on a K.F.
or laptop that has no photos on it. Better sign off. The rest of the house is stirring and I have a heck of a lot to do today before the hubby gets home tonight! Blessings to you , and Merry Christmas!