fall leaves

Friday, May 29, 2009

I keep saying I will spend 15 min.s a day catching this thing up ! And I will ...one day ! LOL
I guess you can check my FB if you really want to know what's going on !

I have had the princess home sick most of the week . I have been uber busy with grad parties , ceremonies and life in general !
We had a bit of a scare Wed. Our Abby feel down the stairs out front ! It had been so wet and humid when it wasn't actually raining that the steps had grown a coating of algae ! Her little feet went right out from under her on the third step ...she tumbled the other five ! Very scary ! She had a scrap very close to her eye , lots of blood ! It looks much better today . Especially after she had her grooming appt yesterday . They always do a great job !

DH has to work Sat. to make up for the holiday so we get less time together this weekend but a least it looks as if it will be a beautiful one as far as the weather goes !

Ya'll enjoy !

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flylady to the rescue

OK ...I have been "following FlyLady" for a while now . Mostly just reading the e-mails . :-( But she has "flywashed" my thinking . I do concider things as I move them , wash them and even browse the at the store .
I have been intending to start trying to do the missions with her too . So , finally , today I started ! I wiped down and cleaned off the kitchen counters . It took a whole 15 mins ! So , to stay motivated , I stopped to blog it . LOL
Now I have the trash can sitting on the front porch soaking . It was yesterdays mission to give it a good cleaning . I know she always says " you are not behind , jump in where you are" But it was pretty gross , so I decided to do it anyway .
It is a good feeling ....I don't feel like I have not accomplished anything . I think I will go throw some wrinkled (but clean) laundry back in the dryer so I can fold it . There are like 4 baskets down in the dungeon , I mean the garage . LOL ...at least I hope it can be a garage again someday .
SIGH ....one thing at a time ! :-)


Today , May 5th is our 19th wedding anniversary ! Today marks the point at which I have been married to my husband for 1/2 my life . (Since I was 19 when we got married) Strangely enough my DH will not have been married to me for 1/2 his life for quite some time to come since he is a few years older than I am .
As we wished each other Happy Anniversary on the phone this morning he told me it would be great to actually get to say it face to face . And I reminded him that it has happened a few times !lol . I had hoped to be able to present DH with a new lap-top for our Anni. but it will have to wait . But more on that later .
I would be glad for any suggestion on celebration strategies that I might make use of this week-end when we are reunited . :-)
Blessings !