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Monday, March 30, 2009


This week I will be experimenting with things I can put in the freezer . Our church has requested each lady out of our SS class to bring a "casserole type" meal that can be put in the freezer at church for some of the people who need a meal . Mostly single and elderly that live alone . I think it is a grand idea . But I have really only frozen soups ...so I am not sure what to make ! Any help greatly appreciated !!
I have a recipe to try tonight , and if it is good I will share it .

Monday - Freezer-Mate Casserole (will review)
Tuesday - Chicken and rice
Wednesday - Taco Bell (out)
Thursday - Cornbread and "old skool navys"
Friday - Home school talent show and fellowship . I am not sure what to bring for a crowd ! Again , any suggestions ?!
Saturday- Venison roast , home made biscuits , salad and pinto beans with onion
Sunday - Enchilada a'la crock-pot , served with chips and salsa and cheese dip and possibly salad

I made rice pudding that did not come out right , so I am putting it in a bit of milk and heating it for a hot cereal .
I will also make a batch of waffles to keep in the fridge .

For snacks , I hope to get some muffins made and some banana crackers ...and if we like those I will post the recipe on here !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday all ! It is a beautiful day here in GA . It is in the upper 60's , sunny and very spring ! All the Daffodils are either in full bloom or almost done already . Everywhere you look there is white and pink and yellow blooms ! My baby peach trees are getting their new leaves . Right now it just looks like a slight green ruffle going down the miniature trunk . They are a year and a half old and about 3 ft high (still in pots) .

Church was wonderful today ! God gave us one of those rare days of pure praise ! Several people came down for prayer for physical ailments . And then things just went right back into the praise and worship . We danced and cheered and almost lost my voice from all the singing . But oh , the joy . We just get a glimpse of practicing what we get to do for all eternity .

I will be back tomorrow (Lord willing) with Menu Plan Monday ! See y'all then !

Thursday, March 19, 2009

just a random Thursday

Well , I got back before too long this time !~LOL
This has been a busy week . Yesterday the prince and one of hs compatriots had an outside science class . They dissected a frog . The prince was pretty appalled ! He loves frogs and I had already told he he could exempt that one for our Apologia Bio labs . He also seems to have a hard time with the formaldehyde smell .
I also had to get the princess early and try to straighten out a mess with her eye wear . They lost the order for one of her pairs of glasses . But they did have one pair in and the new contacts . I shudder to think what her life would have been like in days long ago . (before vision correction)
My Abby is still in heat . We are on week 2 and it is so annoying ! She has such discontent . Poor girl . We are strongly weighing the possibility of getting her spayed . We had not because I wanted to get her bred but we tried twice and she was not receptive . And as I told DH I would most definitely want to keep a puppy , and we do NOT need another dog ! We will have no more big , outside dogs after these guys go . Tho I will always have a pet in the house for companionship I guess . But since the kittens are not quite a year yet , I could easily be in my 50's before we need another cat ! Wow , what a thought !
On another note , I am getting interested in the CVS game . I think I mentioned that in one of my last posts . I missed the body wash ...they were out of it by the Tuesday dead-line . But I did get the Sure . Can't wait to see next weeks now ! :-0
I have a ceramics class tonight ...I will try to post some pictures tomorrow if the camera batteries hold out . Hubby has the charger with him this week . It was an oops .
I am not cooking tonight so the menu is getting swapped around a bit . We are all going separate directions . I think I will still do the turkey breast tomorrow tho ' Yum !

Monday, March 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Taco Soup served with sour cream , cheese and tortilla chips

Tuesday - Speg. with home made meat balls and home-made
(bread machine) Bread

Wednesday - sandwiches (deli-type) served with mac & cheese w/carrots

Thursday - crock-pot chicken and rice (I have a class)

Friday - turkey breast roast with cranberry sauce and baked cauliflower (this recipe includes broccoli , I omit it and sub-in extra cauliflower.

Saturday - venison cube steaks (not sure what to do with these yet ...any suggestions ?? Please !??

Sunday - corn bread and beans after church (crock-pot meal using a Honey Baked ham bone...yummy !)

I need to get our eating out back under control ! So I am trying to plan better and easier to stick to menus . I will be looking thru the sale ads to plan next week out as well . I shop at the end of the week and try to get two weeks worth .
I am going to try the CVS ECB deals . And am also looking for a way to organize my coupons so that they are more usable .
Big goals this week ...but I know so many of you are with me !
Have a wonderful week !
Love , Lora

life gets too busy to blog !

Well , once again it has been a while since I have been on here ! SIGH ~ I just get busy ! I have been going to classes on Sunday evenings and some Saturdays . My mom was sick . Yada,Yada ! Anyway ...Mondays are my only official day at HOME so I am taking time to update ! Yeah !
Lets see...The Prince has bowling on Tuesdays . It is going well ! He likes it OK . It works for a PE credit and it's not too expensive . Plus , We got him his own shoes at a thrift store for less that $5 ! So now we don't pay for shoe rental on practice days ! :-)
Our princess and her intended have been going to IHOP (church not pancakes) on Sunday evenings . But last night he had an issue and they left early . Not sure if they will go again . She may have to wait until she is driving on her own . Maybe it will spur her on ! LOL We are now aiming for before her birthday in June ...she is just not worried about it !
DH was in town last week . And it was very kind of the Lord to arrange that ! He ended up working on my car 4 different evenings . Our neighbor , who is a mechanic by trade , lent his expertise and they got it working correctly again ! Yeah ! I am so glad . It is such a great little car ! I treated it to a wash and vacuum the very next day . My DH walked by and asked whose car was in the driveway (confession : I and the prince tend to not mind a piggy mess {read ARE SLOBS here} )
We are planning to participate in "Decades day" with a local homeschooling group . The prince has the 1950's . And he intends to attack the project from a military view point . Could be worse I suppose .
This is the 3rd day of rain here in GA . I peeked at the forecast and it is supposed to be warmer and only partly cloudy tomorrow ! I miss the sunshine ! I am a southern girl thru & thru ! That also changes my menu . I will be moving the taco soup to tonight , since it compliments the cold weather well !
Better log off for now . I have much to do and little ambition . Sorry CC , I have been listening in those classes and even taking notes ! But my solar cells need charged up ! LOL