fall leaves

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The drumming continues

We have covered most of those hard first anniversaries that a beloved ones death heralds into the space so recently vacated. All but the one year event date.
We miss my mama so much ! All the darling little things BG does and I can't help but think how she would have enjoyed this child. 
I have had so many conversations with God about life and death and heaven this year!y mama loved being a grandmother more than anything! And God kindly reminded me that my mom has life I can only imagine. And that life includes grandkids! My brother lost 2 babies to early miscarriage  I lost a couple babies too. She has received a double blessing in now being with twice as many grands as she has here! She gets to be with my brother again. She gets to be with the child she miscarried. The brother or sister her mom lost. Maybe some of her siblings (Lord willing) I bet she never got to see that one coming! What joy. Our sorrow is tempered knowing the joy she now has . And knowing that one day we will join her!
Help us hang on to the hope of heaven Lord , there are a couple more hard dates coming. May we persevere in faith!