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Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy Bee June

This month has had my birthday on the 6th. We went to Atlanta Bread Company . LOL Shocked the whole family . They had convinced themselves I'd pick Golden Corral . It was tasty . DH and I each got a 1/2 & 1/2 combo and then also a whole Greek Salad to share . So yummy !
The 14th was our dd's birthday . She turned 22 . We went to an Italian place that gives you dinner free on your BD. She had her beau here from AZ. It was alittle tense because I am not thrilled with some of her choices lately . This guy is 40 , divorced, kids he has no parental right to . Oh , and his nick-name is Chaos. YAY ! That inspires trust in a mama to look up and see that tattoed on his neck . He did mind his P's&Q's and was polite to me . Her daddy was out of town . God did answer that prayer !
I am working on the office/hang-out room . All my creative juices are funneling that direction . I am posting this while waiting on the Spackle  to dry.
I have been wondering just how wrong it would be to re-ground the 16 yo prince for something he did 3 years ago. I have patched 100's of dents in the walls from where he shot his air-soft guns in the room when it was his . UGH !
I am excited to have it done ! And soon !
Better go . I'll bet that first wall is ready. :-)