fall leaves

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What's in a name?

My beautiful grand daughter calls me Ama . She came up with it all on her own. I was originally shooting for Gemma. But Ama is unique and she has stuck with it.
While playing one of my favorite games today (words with friends) I played the word Amas . Which led me to thinking if Ama was a real word somewhere besides our little world. It turns out it is!
AMA is an abbreviation meaning ask me anything. And ironically I am kind of infamous for answering honestly even when it isn't easy.(or popular)
And Ama is a South African name that mean born on Saturday. And I WAS born on Saturday!! How cool is that! 
Many blessings Lora (aka Ama) 😍

Monday, August 10, 2015

New title

This earned us a text declaring "#bestparentsever" lol 
I'll take it! This kid loves those orange cream shakes! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Creative elements challenge

I found a post on Instagram today about a creative daily challenge. Doodles and lettering I believe. There is a different prompt each day. Today was hearts. I got all the way until the end of the day before I decide why not?!
Terrible picture, but here is this one. I may or may not get the rest of them but I did today and it was therapy for me! So...Dawnnicole.com thank you for the inspiration!

28 days of different

My friend and I are trying a change in our diet. No gluten,soy,dairy,corn or sugar. What will be hardest for me ? Sugar and dairy! Seriously! I live on yogurt and cheese. Lol 
I am a snack grazer too. I made DIY dark chocolate and coated some banana slice and froze them. I did almonds too.
Healthy yet sweet snacks at hand! 
Next I hope to make some over night oats to have in the fridge! 
More culinary adventures will have to wait until this cutie is napping! Lol