fall leaves

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Progress (New Years Eve)

I love that we are ending the year with great progress! Just look....
One side is sided! And it is the big side too!! Yeah! The deck is getting its railings right now. I got to see it get cut and measured and assembled. Just peeking out the kitchen window as I puddled around the kitchen. 
I got a new Ninja Coffee bar for Christmas from Mr. Wonderful (great gift!) At first I thought it would supplant the Keurig... But now I am not so sure. So I am working in my little kitchen to try to establish a working "flow" now incorporating both coffee appliances. Yeah.... We have a bit of a fascination with good coffee around here. LOL 
Mr. Wonderful and I walked out a stood on the 1/2 done deck the other night just being beside one another and star gazing. We are throughly going to enjoy this dang deck y'all! 
More updates SOON. (Insert Snoopy dance) 😊

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

the sound of progress

My head is a sleepy , noisy place today. The cough kept me up a lot last night so I am TIRED . And today the demo and construction is rockin' & rollin' ! While I AM excited , I would probably be more enthusiastic  if I was running on more than a few NyQuil induced hours of sleep .
Today the old siding is coming down and the deck is being begun. I also have a new back sliding glass door ! WooHoo!
I am really struggling with figuring out how I want to cover these new windows and doors. The only two I knew what I wanted to do for were ordered wrong and had to be re-ordered. They won't be here for about 2 weeks.
Not helping is this viral crap I picked up , probably while Christmas shopping . Sigh. The cough is brutal and just robs me of all my energy! And I have been looking on line a little bit a curtains and blinds . I am always astounded by how expensive they are ! I will ( hopefully) be making the blind / roman shade for the 2 front windows . I do rather want to try a slide shutter over the back door . But we shall see. My sweet Mr. Wonderful is pretty much like "what ever" .
I do usually try to do most of chaotic projects while he is out of town . He does not like the mess. It is fun that he is in town this week . He leaves before the construction guys get here and gets home after they are gone ... but he gets to see the days progress in increments . He is such a before and "TA-DAA" guys. He would really rather just come home and it be done .
I am glad the sun is shining today and there is a lot getting done. Tomorrow is suppose to be an absolute wash out. They better get to putting that house wrap on!

Monday, December 28, 2015

We got through Christmas

Christmas was lovely. I was sick with a pesky coughing virus, but it went well. We went non-traditional and had ribs! It was so good! I am all for non-traditional meal. I told everyone I think we are doing tacos for Thanksgiving next year! 
We did get 6 windows changed out last week , and got a new front door (and door bell) we were hoping for getting the deck done between today and tomorrow... But the rain has been pretty relentless. And the ground is super saturated. So ..  IDK! We shall see. 
Happy Monday ! I am off to find some good cough meds! 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's a start

We have been making some progress on the house ! Yay . We got 6 or our 8 windows replaced so far and have a new from door installed! I want to go ahead and paint it SO bad !! But ... it is raining ....and raining some more ! And that is why they did not get to start on the deck today .
The kitchen window (which did get replaced already) and the deck are two of my personal favorite things that I am looking forward to with the glee of a child !
I must say here that it is really nice to have a front door that seals well. I was considering not replacing the storm/screen door . But we WILL be needing that ! As it turns out , I need that barrier between my furries and the outside world . Package deliveries and such are so much easier if I can slip out the screen and leave them in ... not trying to eat the approaching delivery person. So I will be back to looking for the appropriate fit for our needs . If only Amazon carried them. LOL That's who brings everything else ! lol
I have one more gift part coming in the mail . And a few more things to wrap .... so ... yeah , I better get a move on . SO.MUCH.TO DO!

Here are a couple pics
Here are 2 of the BEFORE pictures . Nothing showing is changed yet. I'll get back to you soon with some progress pics .

If I am not back on here before them ...Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night . Blessings , Lora

Thursday, December 17, 2015

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Due to unforeseeable circumstances . Our house work is being put off until Monday . I have to wait ALLLLLLLLLL Weekend. I have naked windows and stuff pile in weirder than usual places . OH ....and .... there's that whole thing that NEXT WEEK IS CHRISTMAS !!!! I am feeling a little nauseous . OK .... more than a little .

So , updates soon . Not as soon as I had hoped , sigh , but soon.
Prayers appreciated . I suck at waiting . And Christmas wrappin , and change ..... SIGH......

The day has finally come!!

Today is THE DAY! Seriously... I am in shock a bit. They will be replacing our windows today!
We have lived in our house for 24 years. The current window style is wood. Stained the the charming late 80s patina. Most of the windows have broken seals and have fogged the inside. That mean they look nasty even when they are cleaned. 
Confession time I am not an ambitious cleaner. And I like some things to show for my efforts when I do clean. So... Yep... I let the Windows hide away under blinds and curtains. They were/are pretty dirty! 😕 yuck. 
I told Mr. Wonderful he will have to make sure we add the window cleaning to a monthly rotation. Since it has obviously been off my radar for a while. Like only happens when the curtains get washed(about twice a year!)
I can't wait to post after pics! Then later window treatment pics. I think it will be pretty different. I want to paint too! If only Christmas wasn't so close! Lol Some stuff will have to be on hold a bit until afterwards. 
No tree here , not yet anyway. I did the mantle nice and put up some yard deco. You have to make hard choices when you are awaiting demo and construction. 
Pictures soon! 😘
This is my current kitchen window. See that cloudiness ? Um...yeah...That is CLEAN. It is the window I see up close the most and I am very excited to get that new one in !!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A random Thursday

It's a random Thursday in December. The baby is down for a nap , the house is a wreck , the hubby is due in tomorrow ...and my motivation stinks . So ... this is both therapy and avoidance !

It is 70 degrees here . I have the front screen open . I may be beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...but it does not feel like Christmas . I also do not have a tree up . The work will finally be starting on our house and it would just be one more thing to have to move !

I am missing my hubby , tomorrow can't get here soon enough in that respect . The amazon deliveries have been pretty steady ... more than usual , so that part looks Christmas-y. I need to dredge the depths of the closet to assemble the gifts soon ... dreading that . Maybe I can have a collosal give away box. How does one purge belongings ? We have clearly amassed a large amount of possessions . I neeed to down size , whilst stayin in the same space . gad....