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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas was good. Not amazing , but good is good! LOL
I was thankful to have both my parents , so many don't have that! My mom is getting stronger (and antsy). It was the Princesses BFs first Christmas with us . Well , time will tell on that one. They seem to fuss alot ! But they also both seem to thrive one it : drives me crazy.
I got a Kindle ...which I am thrilled with ! It is just the basic model but I have already read my first book on it . It is easy on the eyes . I could make the font as big as I wanted. And holding it sideways made it really feel similar to holding a book. So far I have only put free books on it , but I did also get a $50 gift card to buy books with . :-) I need a cover for it and am considering making one. I found several good tutes on-line for free.
We went with a very non-traditional lasagna for Christmas dinner. I did make homemade rolls to fancy it up a bit . Had salad and lots of cookies ! Yea,it's a delicate balance.LOL
I do leave my decorations up until after the first of the year. My walking partner said she began dismantling the decorations as the last guest left ! LOL Different strokes I guess.
More soon y'all , I hope !

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

oh dear...

I have a really good reason why it has been almost 3 months since I posted! In around Oct. my mom got this crazy night vision. It was my brother telling her he's fine (passed away 2 years ago) and she needs to quit worrying about him and take care of herself. My mom testified to this in SS. She said she had cried every single day since he died. But since then she had not been teary. Not that she stopped missing him or anything it was just like a big weight lifted off her.
Then in just a couple weeks she developed a sinus infection,that went into bronchitis. That further developed into pneumonia. 4 antibiotics and a month later she went for a follow-up x-ray to make sure the pneumonia had cleared all the way. And there was a spot that had not gone away,and it was strangely up high in her lung  up by her shoulder. The doctor ordered a CT scan, then sent her to a lung specialist, who eventually sent her for a PET scan. Which did indeed show activity. 2 Biopsies later it was confirmed that she had lung cancer. Just a small tumor , the size of a golf ball.
The Monday after Thanksgiving she had major surgery. They removed 20% of her rt lung. And from there until now , it has been a journey! She is getting stronger everyday and I am so glad i can be there to help most of the time.
Anyway.....I really came on here to share this crazy recipe I made. I was reading The Pioneer Woman's blog and I ran across this recipe for Indian fry bread. It looked so good I wanted it RIGHT NOW! So I set about making some. Then I decided I was going to have to improvise the whole Fry bread taco idea to make due with what I had on hand (how pioneer of me , don't ya think!) Well I ended up with ground beef , taco seasoning, frozen spinach and canned diced tomatoes.Made the fry bread, covered it in my concoction, then smothered it in shredded cheese.....YUMMMMMMMMMM......
Poor hubby wasn't here to enjoy it, that's a great excuse reason to make it again SOON !
So.....next post....Christmas ! See ya'll soon !

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thrifty fun !

I have found so many fun things at the thrift stores lately ! I just had to share it! Yesterday I went to Metro Thrift over in Lawrenceville (since Mondays are 1/2 price everything!) And I found some of that really nice lighted garland for Christmas . I can hardly wait to try it . Will it go on the porch , the mantle ? Down the stairs ?? So many options ! I also found a cute mini-tree that I will probably put in the bathroom or kitchen . Plus 2 bags of ornament ball so I can try one of those lovely wreaths that I keep seeing ALL over blogland. :-)
I am currently plotting my fall decorating ! Since I can officially implement it at the end of this week ! WooHoo!! I love autumn ! It is my favorite season, hands down !
So ... what have you found lately ?
I will try to post pics as soon as the Christmas season decorating is upon us. :-)
What fun !!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday update

Well ... here my progress report. I did get most of the furniture swapped around. (one table to go) . I got the shelf moved from one side of the dining room to the other. I even got some cereal boxes in it . I also put my desserts on it . And since I found brownie mix on sale at Publix a couple weeks ago for 2 for $3 plus they had a coupon for $1 off if you bought 2 that made them a dollar each ...so naturally I bought about 6 ! LOL
I posted ads for the rug and pillows and the dishes. I so want them to go away ! I may even give them away if they don"t sell quickly. Pray the sell , it supports my thrifting habit . LOL
I am working on clean up so my hubby doesn't freak out over the mess. Poor thing. God really had a sense of humor putting us together. I can step over piles and let laundry go until there's nothing left to wear. It all drives him to distraction. I try to meet him in the middle . Not sterile, but not hazardous either.
The new arrangement opens things up and the first thing I noticed is , I had been able to hide my dining room . But not now !! So I have allot of work left and I better get moving on it !
Just wanted to put a progress report out there ! :-)
Blessings , Lora

Monday, August 29, 2011

changing , re-arranging (again!)

     It certainly isn’t fall yet. Temps are still in the 90’s here in zone 7b! But I find myself thinking about fall (and even Christmas!) It seems to be a season of change for me. I am in nesting mode…nope, not pregnant!

      I have made some new purchases that I am very excited about. So far they haven’t been put to use. But I believe all that is changing! I have wanted to move the furniture for a month. Today I took the plunge! I am past the point of no return. Not really but I tell myself that so I will keep going! LOL

      I think sometimes I miss the Lord in the fact that I love when He gives me ideas, but I am not good at implementing those ideas in a timely manner. And I think sometimes if I wait too long I miss the chance for things to line up the way He showed me.

      Let’s see…by the end of next week I should have a new look in all of down stairs. And some what in the Master bedroom as well! I am rearranging furniture, as I said before. I got a different rug for the living room. And I want to use the pictures I own already in fresh new ways!

      I bought kitchen curtains. And God gave me the idea to photo copy the fabric and decoupage the copies to my cabinet knobs! Then I went to Kohl’s and found rugs on a great sale (under $5!!) and a new hand towel too (for $3). I can hardly wait to get all that in! The new theme color in the kitchen is  green. I think I’ll tie red bows on the knobs at Christmas time. J Fun!
Last but not least (for now) I want to clean off the book shelf in the dining room , swap it to the other side and then use it for food storage. Just for cereal boxes and such.
     I am UBER-excited ! Can't you tell ?!?! LoL ....Y'all have a good day !
Blessings , Lora

Monday, August 22, 2011

August ?!?

Well here it is August already ! School is starting back (well ours never quit actually) . The afternoons are HOT . And we have the dreaded anniversary coming up . Loy will be gone from us 2 years this Sat. Days like today,when I saw something in the store he would have totally loved,make me miss him alot. He was a good brother . It was totally not his fault he was the favorite ! LOL ...He would have said I was and may make a point to when I get to heaven some day .
We went to the funeral of one of my sons friends dads yesterday. He was only 43 ! So sad. He leaves a wife and 15yo daughter . I do not know how they will make it ! It has made us look at each other differently. I am only 41 , but God could send that call anytime. I kind of hope He doesn't for quite a few years yet , but it could happen . I actually pray it isn't while my parent are still alive. Really.
OK ...on to lighter fare ! I am revamping a $10 yard sale dresser . And of course I forgot to take before pictures ! But I will post after photos and try to find somewhere to link up . I get such enjoyment out of reading all those blog parties! And it'd be nice to enter one for a change !
I am also doing a mini-redo on my kitchen . I got new curtains with some money my friend gave me for my birthday . They are green & white plaid ! SOooooo cute. Then Friday at Kohl's I found kitchen rugs and towels to match ! I am super excited! I wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets but this is a much easier way to spiff it up for a while !
We had one child move out . And we made her old room an office ! Wait...actually , since the room she moved out of was empty we cleaned it well then painted it and moved her brother in there. He got to pick paint colors and got a new (light-ly  used) bed. He went from twin to queen ! He has enjoyed the improvement but is in need of a good cleaning ! Seriously. I told him I am going to start making him run in the morning when I go to walk every day until it's clean ! (starting Monday)
Oh, I guess that's another re-vamp ! LOL , I am walking 5 days a week . We go about 1 1/2 miles. but I am back home by 8 when school starts so it's good . That's a definite advantage to NOT having little children anymore ! I don't have to worry about leaving the 16yo here for an hr in the morning . :-)
Guess I should close out . Just wanted to make a quick post so my few readers wouldn't think I vanished ! :-) Blessings all ! Love , Lora

Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy Bee June

This month has had my birthday on the 6th. We went to Atlanta Bread Company . LOL Shocked the whole family . They had convinced themselves I'd pick Golden Corral . It was tasty . DH and I each got a 1/2 & 1/2 combo and then also a whole Greek Salad to share . So yummy !
The 14th was our dd's birthday . She turned 22 . We went to an Italian place that gives you dinner free on your BD. She had her beau here from AZ. It was alittle tense because I am not thrilled with some of her choices lately . This guy is 40 , divorced, kids he has no parental right to . Oh , and his nick-name is Chaos. YAY ! That inspires trust in a mama to look up and see that tattoed on his neck . He did mind his P's&Q's and was polite to me . Her daddy was out of town . God did answer that prayer !
I am working on the office/hang-out room . All my creative juices are funneling that direction . I am posting this while waiting on the Spackle  to dry.
I have been wondering just how wrong it would be to re-ground the 16 yo prince for something he did 3 years ago. I have patched 100's of dents in the walls from where he shot his air-soft guns in the room when it was his . UGH !
I am excited to have it done ! And soon !
Better go . I'll bet that first wall is ready. :-)

Friday, May 27, 2011

May on the way out

May has been super busy and quite eventful . I had a few issues , mostly of my own making ! I over-scheduled myself and then my DH had 2 weeks in-town . Now, having my love in town is a blessing ~ don't get me wrong ! But it does change at home . I try to do nice dinners. I try to tidy or do something that shows some results s it doesn't look the same as when DH left in the morning . Now , obviously , if it was BH&G prefect looking the same would be fine ....ummmm....yeah......NO ! That's really not my life. It is a work in progress tho'. Most days I do try . Anyway....not trying to defend myself....just facts.
Hubby and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary this month . The young prince and I worked 2 charity events. A drag race . That was interesting...and LOUD ! I had a good time , made a new friend. It was a 15 hour day . But thru that , the prince has his camp fees paid completely . Love that !
Our other event was a golf tournament . That one benefited the local crisis pregnancy center . It's one of our favorite ministries. We got to judge the prize package hole-in-one shots . My hole was a new Ford Fusion , the Prince was presiding over a vacation prize . But we were on a golf cart , able to find shade , read , watch the critters . It was not a hard day . The prince befriended a squirrel , that he named Frank. Frank was really just a free-loading opportunist who was more than happy to share the sunflower seeds that have become the princes warm weather companion .
And then the prince had an impacted wisdom tooth remove yesterday . UGH ! Lots of pain , lots of swelling , ice, jello . Poor guy . At 16 he is always hungry , and then when your culinary world narrows to broth and jello...he was starving ! I made a turkey tenderloin and mashed potatoes. He ate the potatoes with the broth/drippings off the turkey . He is normally gravy phobic so it was a big step . He was desperate ! LOL Poor guy!
Today he is sleeping in . Which is a rare treat in our house ! Really rare ! I will go wake him soon . He needs the antibiotic . He may choose to fore go the pain meds . He is not much on meds....wonder where he gets that from ....HA ! He choose not to take the calming pill before the dentist . He also declined having the "laughing gas" . What a guy !
Better go , I have several things I'd like to get done today. Not sure how much will get done , but I have to try , right ?!
Blessings friends !
Love ya'll ! Lora

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Here it is May ! In 2 days my dh and I will celebrate our 21st anniversary! It is a very exciting moment in our lives. And to God be the glory ! We were literally bet against. The shortest time ? 2 weeks , the longest ? 6 months ! HA ! We were married about 9 years when we got saved . Things were SO NOT GOOD ! But God (I love that phrase! "BUT GOD!") stepped in . I was saved in March and my hubby in Aug. . We re-married in May the next year . We felt like it was important since we had lived together first , then went to the JP to get married (we already had a Little one). So yes, this is special !
I posted 6 books on paperback swap today . I think 5 were on wish-lists ! :-) Awesome !
I am working on our dining room chairs this week too . As soon as I figure out how to get a pic from my phone to my blog I will post the before picture .
Blessings all !
Lora Lee

Monday, April 25, 2011

Once a month blogging ?

Well I would love to do once a week blogging ! But in 2 years it just hasn't happened ! Sigh ... I am going to try scheduling it into my Cozi acct and see if that helps .

I totally want to start taking pictures of some of the stuff I do and getting to play along with some of the craft memes I read . That's my newest addiction , craft blogs and "round-ups" . Pshew ! I feel better after confessing that ! HA !

OK....so as a general catch-up on life... My mom is doing much better ! Thank You Jesus ! She went back to work last week . It was probably a bit soon , because it wore her out completely! But she did OK . Her Dr. check-up went well . And now she should have check-ups pretty regularly.

Easter Sunday was quite lovely ! The weather was out-standing ! High of 80 and pure GA sunshine ! We did a very informal after church lunch at my moms . Deli meat sandwiches and home-made (by me) mac and cheese. Potato salad , deviled eggs , pasta salad (made by me - that was a FLOP! It's the only tastefully simple thing I have ever made that we didn't like !) All 7 of us got together and it was quite nice.

We went to NC to visit some precious friends a couple weeks ago . We started having car trouble on the way there . Not until we hit the mountains , so we were already far from home. We did make it . The car continued to mess up while we were there . It seriously messed up our plans! I couldn't explore on my own at all . DH took alot of time (and quite a bit of $$) working on the car. ~to no avail~ SIGH ~!

It took us 6 hours to make it home from what should have been a 2 & 1/2 hour trip . Yeah! Seriously! We asked our neighbor , who is a mechanic to please help us get it fixed. He found out there was a recall on the fuel pump . The fuel pump is what my dear daddy said it probably was after the things we tried in NC didn't work. We had a 3 week fiasco trying to get Ford to make good on replacing the recalled part . 3 weeks , 3 dealerships and numerous phone calls later and my little focus is back on the road ! I am so glad to have reliable wheels again ! I have been so frustrated I have seriously considered trading it in but I 1. really like it 2. only found 2 others I liked (and they'd use more fuel) 3. I'd have to sell this one to get another. 4. I hate change !

I hope to go pick Strawberries this week . They are in season at our local farm . I can make some jam ! Ummmm! I will try to post pictures of what I pick and/or make !

The prince went on a 2 field trip last week . One took him all the way to OHIO ! When I realized both my boys would be in OH , but not together , and neither with me & their dad, I was very sad ! But he had a blast and really enjoyed the Creation Museum . He was completely impressed that you could touch everything ! Tells you what kind of learner he is , huh? LOL . I wish I would have sent a camera with him ! Oh,well !

Better go get back to my wonderful life . I have boocootles to do today !

Blessings all ! Lora Lee

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wowzers !

This has been quite the month ! The bible study wraps up this week . And tho' it has been wonderful I will be glad for the day back at home . We were meeting Tuesdays from 10am-noon (but I rarely got home before 2pm) And Sunday 4-6 . But my ds has been having band practice and stuff from 5:30 - 8pm so I would just go to the near-by Target or Publix (usually Target , since that one has a coffee shop !) which puts us home at 8:30 ish.

(the new picture is from our Valentines dinner!) It wasn't from this month but I couln't resist throwing it in there !) OK , on to this months adventures.....

The 13th was my moms BD . Sweet 69 ! LoL ...we all went to a lovely Italian dinner and then went back to her house only to have to call 911 a half hour later . She had been having some chest pain episodes but didn't really want to have to go to the ER . We took a lovely (NOT) ambulance ride . They admitted her and the next day did a heart cath . During which they found an 80% blockage so they put in a stent right away . She was mad no one asked her if she wanted it done ... but I think once she recovers she will get over that part . She has not been smoking since that day . So we think that's awesome ! She goes to the cardio-doc Wed so we are praying for a good report !

DD had her court date for the biggie ticket she got . It was expensive and I pray she learned well from the experience and I am glad it is over . She was able to procure her own auto ins. since that was finished. So we officially got her off of ours today . It has been hard watching her make some wrong choices and face the consequences but all we can do is love her thru it . We are praying that the stalker shows his true self before she gets in real trouble there . And we are praying for repaired relationship with my mom over some of the hurt that has come about . My folks think we have been so wrong . But they never gave us even one second to tell our side and defend our actions . I have been hurt and disappointed over that but not much I can do . Esp when we are trying not to stress out a heart patient , ya know !

I bought a used sewing machine for cheap off of CL . Now I am praying it works long years very well ! I hope to show-off some fun creations & re-makes on this blog and maybe turn it into something I will use more and maybe others might enjoy too . :-)

Better go: DH has a long week out this time and I am hoping to make some positive changes in the house to surprise him with some homeyness ! Maybe some I can post here ! LOL

Blessings one and all !


Thursday, March 10, 2011

March already ?

Time just keeps flying along ! I keep hoping to get on here and start posting more but life gets busy and when something has to give this is usually one of the first ! :-/

The princess moved out last week . She is making decisions that are sad and a little scary . But since she's 21 all we can do is pray and hope that she won't walk too far away from HOME . The real forever home she has in heaven . Of course we like her close to this home too . And so far she's only 14 miles away and living with a member of the extended family .
The road has been a bit rocky with her for a few months so we have had some awesome prayer support from friends and our hearts and home are pretty peaceful .

The prince is moving into the vacated room his sister left . I am in the process of painting it and we are gathering the decor. He is going with grey . Kind of a cement color called anonymous . I am going to make curtains (I think) . Found a great coverlet in grey velour (GW $10 !) Found the throw rug at WM for $5 . I think it is going to come together nicely .

And when that room is done ...I move onto his newly vacated room to craft an office/prayer/reading room . I am so excited !

Pictures coming soon ! Blessings ! Lora

Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu plan Monday (my first of 2011)

So it has been ages since I have done a menu plan ! I even signed up for the "saving dinner" subscription (which I actually had to pay for) ...but yet this is an area I consistently fail ! We eat out too often and it is generally worse when I don;t feel well .
So , DH is home this week with Jury Duty . And I thought this might be a good time to jump back on the bandwagon ! :-)
Sunday - Chinese after church (cheap and easy!)
Scrambled eggs and farm fresh pasture raised pork sausage.
Monday - Tortellini with meat sauce and fresh French bread

Tuesday- Baked chicken (bl/sl thighs), oven roasted potatoes , mixed veggies (steamer bag)

Wednesday-Hamburgers , homemade mac & cheese , green beans

Thursday - meatball subs (homemade meat balls) ,spinach salad with feta cheese

Friday - grilled cheese with 15 bean soup

Saturday- date night ! Our church is hosting a Valentines dance with dinner for couples :-)

Sunday- Hopefully , subs after church ! :-)

See , I feel better already just by making the plan out ! :-)
Have a lovely week !

Friday, February 4, 2011

outta control

I had an awful cough for almost 3 weeks ! I usually just pretty much refuse to get sick ...but this time I pretty much followed to recipe for getting sick !
I ran out of vitamins
I got insomnia for several days
I went to Walmart
I was house-bound by snow

Individually each might not have pushed me over but all together ? BAM ! I was stricken !
I am doing the Here and Now , There and Then study . And Beth talks about her body not behaving ...because us having control is really just an illusion . I can do all the right things an still end up with undesirable results . Because it really isn't in my grasp to control . There is SOMEONE on the Throne ...but it is not me !
I had to go to the doctor ... something I avoid to great measures . I got cough cure stuff . But he was more concerned that I look very anemic. Well , of course I am pale , I'm a red-head after all ! They did blood work . The tech got blood on the first try , with no fishing ! WooHoo ! Practically unheard of ! I went home and googled the symptoms of being very anemic...I could check several things on that list ! UGH !
So , I went to a grocery store with a pharmacy and stocked up on red-meat while they filled the prescriptions...But I already had a chicken thawed for dinner . LOL I might make a smoothie with greens today . Time to do some research I guess !
Blessings friends ! I'm going to put up some Valentines decorations up today to combat the dreary rain ... BUT I am praising God it is not snow ! YEAH !

Monday, January 24, 2011

New week ...feeling better (a bit)

So , I slept on the couch to try and let my DH get some good sleep . He left out this morning for a few days of work in NC . I still was coughing and I still kept him up some (I told you it's a small house) . But I feel better . Well , better than I did anyway . :-P
I did manage to accomplish a few things today . Laundry , clorox wipe-down of EVERYTHING,etc... I even hung a picture that we got for Christmas. DD noticed it right away . It needs a sprig or somethin close to it but I will work on it . Felt good to see it displayed ! And my mom wll be tickled when she sees it up too. Hey...I am happy! It's been less than a MONTH !
I have a few crafts I'd like to do . I will try to remember to take some pics to post . I am SOOooo jealous of those super crafty blogger that post often and do such cute stuff . I am crafty , really , life just gets in my way ! LOL I did finish another scarf ! I actually kept this one and have been wearing it too ! Maybe I'll take pictures of that !
I better go , I have a coffee cake in the oven for bible study tomorrow . Ummm....here's the recipe for that coffee cake . It sure smells yummy !

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things askew

Well ... here in the sunny south things have been a bit askew ! We had a snow week . We had almost 10" and it shut us down , for real ! Even my hubby missed 2 days of work ...which has never happened before !
I have come down with ... something or other . Scratchy throat , cough , sinus drainage (which explains the other symptoms) Basically yuck ! I stayed home from church since there are people with so many situations . No one needs it (not even me)
I have 3 cakes to make tomorrow/Friday . We are having a "birthday bash" for all the ladies at church Saturday . What fun !
Hubby had to work the weekend dure to the missed days and he didn't get to come home between . Glad he's gone for the sickies ...but ,dang, I miss him !
Well I am going to eat my chicken noodle soup now ! Ya'll take care!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1st post of 2011

I just realized that I didn't have a 2011 post up yet !~ UGH ! So much for wanting to blog more regularly ! :-/
Well...lets see ....Christmas 2010 was a good one ! New Years Eve was exhausting as we had multiple places to visit . (which I guess is a good problem to have) And this past week we had a snow storm ! I am still looking out the window at all white . I am SO ready for it to go away ! I mean , this is GEORGIA after all ! We usually get snow and in 2 days you'd never know it was here ! It snowed Sunday night and Monday,then we got some sleet . The nasty stuff totalled almost 10 inches ! But , PTL , we had plenty of notice and my wonderful hubby spent 1/2 of Saturday getting prepared . (mostly in case we lost power) (which we never did , Thank You Lord!)
This is Saturday again . I am getting ready for ds to have some spend the night company . It is an unusual occurrence in our house . I have dogs that aren't always friendly of fun to deal with , and BHG this ain't ! YKWIM ?!
Anyway ....just wanted to get a post on here to start the year off . Hopefully I will be back next week. I really want this to turn into usable space ! Maybe post my menus and crafts again ! :-)
Blessings ! Lora