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Monday, January 24, 2011

New week ...feeling better (a bit)

So , I slept on the couch to try and let my DH get some good sleep . He left out this morning for a few days of work in NC . I still was coughing and I still kept him up some (I told you it's a small house) . But I feel better . Well , better than I did anyway . :-P
I did manage to accomplish a few things today . Laundry , clorox wipe-down of EVERYTHING,etc... I even hung a picture that we got for Christmas. DD noticed it right away . It needs a sprig or somethin close to it but I will work on it . Felt good to see it displayed ! And my mom wll be tickled when she sees it up too. Hey...I am happy! It's been less than a MONTH !
I have a few crafts I'd like to do . I will try to remember to take some pics to post . I am SOOooo jealous of those super crafty blogger that post often and do such cute stuff . I am crafty , really , life just gets in my way ! LOL I did finish another scarf ! I actually kept this one and have been wearing it too ! Maybe I'll take pictures of that !
I better go , I have a coffee cake in the oven for bible study tomorrow . Ummm....here's the recipe for that coffee cake . It sure smells yummy !

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things askew

Well ... here in the sunny south things have been a bit askew ! We had a snow week . We had almost 10" and it shut us down , for real ! Even my hubby missed 2 days of work ...which has never happened before !
I have come down with ... something or other . Scratchy throat , cough , sinus drainage (which explains the other symptoms) Basically yuck ! I stayed home from church since there are people with so many situations . No one needs it (not even me)
I have 3 cakes to make tomorrow/Friday . We are having a "birthday bash" for all the ladies at church Saturday . What fun !
Hubby had to work the weekend dure to the missed days and he didn't get to come home between . Glad he's gone for the sickies ...but ,dang, I miss him !
Well I am going to eat my chicken noodle soup now ! Ya'll take care!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1st post of 2011

I just realized that I didn't have a 2011 post up yet !~ UGH ! So much for wanting to blog more regularly ! :-/
Well...lets see ....Christmas 2010 was a good one ! New Years Eve was exhausting as we had multiple places to visit . (which I guess is a good problem to have) And this past week we had a snow storm ! I am still looking out the window at all white . I am SO ready for it to go away ! I mean , this is GEORGIA after all ! We usually get snow and in 2 days you'd never know it was here ! It snowed Sunday night and Monday,then we got some sleet . The nasty stuff totalled almost 10 inches ! But , PTL , we had plenty of notice and my wonderful hubby spent 1/2 of Saturday getting prepared . (mostly in case we lost power) (which we never did , Thank You Lord!)
This is Saturday again . I am getting ready for ds to have some spend the night company . It is an unusual occurrence in our house . I have dogs that aren't always friendly of fun to deal with , and BHG this ain't ! YKWIM ?!
Anyway ....just wanted to get a post on here to start the year off . Hopefully I will be back next week. I really want this to turn into usable space ! Maybe post my menus and crafts again ! :-)
Blessings ! Lora