fall leaves

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Throat drops (diy style)

I made my first batch of diy throat drops. I used honey,sugar,butter,water and some on-guard essential oil. 
They taste good! But...they are not pretty! 
I forgot that I am bad at taffy. I have no heat tolerance in hy hands. So the vague directions of "when it's cool enough to handle " really don't apply to me. 
I do want to make a peppermint kind and a lemon kind too but I have a feeling that the next batch will be suckers or I will order some type of candy mold.
The flat is one of the first ones that I poured out like a lollipop. The 2nd one after trying to taffy pull and cut.
Pretty cool! I feel so accomplished! Lol

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day book a day late! October 5th

Out side my window- blue sky,fluffy clouds and the perfect fall day. About 70•

I am thinking- about how thankful I am that my husband didn't get seriously injured when he fell off a truck at work yesterday. He's 5 states away y'all!

I am thankful- for grace. That God loves us enough to change us and grow us!

In the kitchen- I made egg muffins and apple muffins this morning in the toaster oven.
I am wearing- denim capris, teal and black blouse. My sketch-air shoes.

I am creating- 
A wreath for me now that my daughter has hers!

I am going- no where today if I can help it.

I am wondering- how back the sink is going to be to fix! A mouse chewed our dishwasher line and there is damage in the sink cabinet. :-(

I am reading- freezer tips and recipes. Hubby wants an upright freezer instead of the fridge in the garage.

I am hoping- my cycle is done before hubby gets home. (Just being honest) 💃

Around the house- every thug is moving up. Ms. Busy can reach higher now! Lol

One of my favorite things-

Favorite quote- "just because I can't do it today, doesn't mean I can't do it someday " saw it on a work out meme. 

A peek into my day-

Y'all have a great week! Please go read some of the other day books. We all love comments! See the links here http://thesimplewoman.blogspot.com


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October is here!

This is the princes last day as a teenager! Wow! I had a hard time with 20 , but not 40...go figure! He is not having a hard time. His girl has something special planned. We celebrated last weekend. I do have one more little thing for in the morning. :-)
I brought a pillow down to pad my lap for some crafting . I had to put everything down to tend the baby and this is what I came back to-
Sweet girl . 
Then a bit later Abby went to her bed and Nolly took over my pillow. He is such a boy! I had to crop the pic or y'all would have seen why we call him "Nolly no pants! " (his real name is Noel , BTW)
Oh these dogs! :-) maddening, but too cute.