fall leaves

Monday, August 29, 2011

changing , re-arranging (again!)

     It certainly isn’t fall yet. Temps are still in the 90’s here in zone 7b! But I find myself thinking about fall (and even Christmas!) It seems to be a season of change for me. I am in nesting mode…nope, not pregnant!

      I have made some new purchases that I am very excited about. So far they haven’t been put to use. But I believe all that is changing! I have wanted to move the furniture for a month. Today I took the plunge! I am past the point of no return. Not really but I tell myself that so I will keep going! LOL

      I think sometimes I miss the Lord in the fact that I love when He gives me ideas, but I am not good at implementing those ideas in a timely manner. And I think sometimes if I wait too long I miss the chance for things to line up the way He showed me.

      Let’s see…by the end of next week I should have a new look in all of down stairs. And some what in the Master bedroom as well! I am rearranging furniture, as I said before. I got a different rug for the living room. And I want to use the pictures I own already in fresh new ways!

      I bought kitchen curtains. And God gave me the idea to photo copy the fabric and decoupage the copies to my cabinet knobs! Then I went to Kohl’s and found rugs on a great sale (under $5!!) and a new hand towel too (for $3). I can hardly wait to get all that in! The new theme color in the kitchen is  green. I think I’ll tie red bows on the knobs at Christmas time. J Fun!
Last but not least (for now) I want to clean off the book shelf in the dining room , swap it to the other side and then use it for food storage. Just for cereal boxes and such.
     I am UBER-excited ! Can't you tell ?!?! LoL ....Y'all have a good day !
Blessings , Lora

Monday, August 22, 2011

August ?!?

Well here it is August already ! School is starting back (well ours never quit actually) . The afternoons are HOT . And we have the dreaded anniversary coming up . Loy will be gone from us 2 years this Sat. Days like today,when I saw something in the store he would have totally loved,make me miss him alot. He was a good brother . It was totally not his fault he was the favorite ! LOL ...He would have said I was and may make a point to when I get to heaven some day .
We went to the funeral of one of my sons friends dads yesterday. He was only 43 ! So sad. He leaves a wife and 15yo daughter . I do not know how they will make it ! It has made us look at each other differently. I am only 41 , but God could send that call anytime. I kind of hope He doesn't for quite a few years yet , but it could happen . I actually pray it isn't while my parent are still alive. Really.
OK ...on to lighter fare ! I am revamping a $10 yard sale dresser . And of course I forgot to take before pictures ! But I will post after photos and try to find somewhere to link up . I get such enjoyment out of reading all those blog parties! And it'd be nice to enter one for a change !
I am also doing a mini-redo on my kitchen . I got new curtains with some money my friend gave me for my birthday . They are green & white plaid ! SOooooo cute. Then Friday at Kohl's I found kitchen rugs and towels to match ! I am super excited! I wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets but this is a much easier way to spiff it up for a while !
We had one child move out . And we made her old room an office ! Wait...actually , since the room she moved out of was empty we cleaned it well then painted it and moved her brother in there. He got to pick paint colors and got a new (light-ly  used) bed. He went from twin to queen ! He has enjoyed the improvement but is in need of a good cleaning ! Seriously. I told him I am going to start making him run in the morning when I go to walk every day until it's clean ! (starting Monday)
Oh, I guess that's another re-vamp ! LOL , I am walking 5 days a week . We go about 1 1/2 miles. but I am back home by 8 when school starts so it's good . That's a definite advantage to NOT having little children anymore ! I don't have to worry about leaving the 16yo here for an hr in the morning . :-)
Guess I should close out . Just wanted to make a quick post so my few readers wouldn't think I vanished ! :-) Blessings all ! Love , Lora