fall leaves

Monday, December 29, 2008

New toy

I got a new net-book from my DH for Christmas ! This is my first time trying to post from it . I don't have any pics on here yet .. and I am not yet used to the mini keyboard . So I can't type without looking at it . Still a lot of things I don't know about this yet . It offers me things I can down-load . I haven't investigated any of that yet .
The princess is away at a conference in MO . Her intended we as well . We are watching it on a live webcast . Go to IHOP.org and investigate . It is F*R*E*E* . And has been really neat .
We are gearing up for the New Year celebration . We will be at a church with friends giving and receiving prayer. I love that ~
I wanted to take the tree down today . But it didn't happen . I broke a jar of honey on the kitchen floor . I had to clean it up , triple strain what was left (big process) and the sweep and double mop the floor . Sigh ....There went the energy for anything else !
hate to change the mantle already tho' . I really like it. I also really like some of the clingy decorations I put up too . I put snow men and snowflakes all around the house ...even in the bathroom . I PUT SNOWFLAKES ON THE TANK OF THE TOILET !! My friends said I had gone too far then . LOL .
I already warned my family the cute snowman on the front door is probably with us for a while . I thing he is my favorite ...and he is not especially Christmas-y .
The prince got lots of teckkie things for Christmas ... so he is a rare site these days . It makes me long for re-starting school . Then I have him down here at least 1/2 the day ! LOL . Kudoes to the folks who made Praise Guitar . It is a great game . Maybe with the prince is doing his Algebra next week I will try it out . LOL :-D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

kitchen marathon ~

Today I am having a marathon baking day ! I have batches of bread dough going . (one on 1st rise , one on 2nd) I am making mini loaves of bread with one and monkey-bread minis with the other . This will all be gifts for our Pastors and for a few friends .
I am also trying cake-balls for the first time ! I found the recipe here http://bakerella.blogspot.com/2007/12/red-velvet-cake-balls.html (Thanks Bakerella ! I am making yellow cake (already cooling) mixed with chocolate frosting and dipped in chocolate ! When they are all done I might give them a drizzle of mint chocolate . I found a bag of Andes chips in the panty I had forgetten about . :-)
Right now I am between risings on the bread so I had a few minits . I guess I better go check it all ! I will post pictures when I am done !
Merry Christmas ya'll !

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trying new stuff

We got a whole deer worth of Venison last week . Not as much as I would have thought . But a good amount ! I cleaned out both freezers ...got rid of the yuck that needed to be purged anyway . Got it all put away and then promptly started hunting for recipes ! LOL !! No big surprize to those of you who know me .
I made my first attempt tonight . I made meat balls and they are quite tasty ! I mixed one small "tube" of breakfast sasuage with about 1 1/2 lbs of ground venison . I had to let it warm up a bit so it would incorperate well . I added 1 egg , and 1/2 cup of italian bread crumbs . That's all . Then I oven baked them on a broiler pan for about 25 mins @ 350 .
Presently there are 30 of them simmering in some sauce waiting to go in the bread I made today . Yummy ! I can hardly wait !!
Feeling morose today
wishing I could shake it someway
wanting to enjoy the season and play
instead of watching so much unravel and fray
knowing soon they'll be a day
when the Christmas tree is put away
and the memories are hidden from the day
then smiles and laughter can stay and play
and the farce of forgiveness can pretend to stay.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So sitting in the prayer room @ ATL IHOP . I am reading bits of Dr Dale Fifes "The Secret Place" Ahhh....very convicting . I wonder if I am planted by the well and happy to be there . I am asking the Lord to awaken in me a longing for intamacy with Him . I want to learn how to drink . It makes me think of teaching my babies how to use a straw . they watched me and knew it was possible . I demonstrated over and over and they kept trying . But one day they got it right and they never forgot how after that ! Before they we OK with getting a trickle from the straw when I held my thumb over the end and dripped it in thier mouth . I feel like that with God right now . Just getting enough from others to really taste . I gotta learn to DRINK . To get my own , ya know ?!?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday)

Well , better late than never ! Here's my week ....

M-Pan-fried cube steak with baked beans and blue box mac&cheese

T-Baked pork chops with crashed potatos and green beans

W-Speg. with venison meatballs (will share the recipe if we really like them)

T- Breakfast for dinner . Eggs , fried spam , biscuits

F- We are going to a friends house , I might bring something snackish

Sat.-Home made chicken noodle soup , grilled cheese

Sunday (after church) Crock pot chicken ?? have not picked a recipe yet !

Lunch is usually left-overs or something quick like biscuit pizzas

Breakfast is always cereal (hot or cold) , organic pop-tarts, or choco-chip muffins (recipe from HHW)

It's been almost a month !

Oh dear ! I can hardly believe that it has been almost a month since I posted on here .
It has been really busy ...since of course this tends to be the busy-ness season . There has been alot of sick-ness . The Princess has a tummy virus pick up from the pre-school she works at . I have had to viral illnesses . The latest one came with a horrible cough that just left me exausted and sleepless and sore . My hero DH hooked up a humidifier and put the mentholated goop in it and that helped alot . I also found that Delsym really is the better cough medicine . The cough I had laughed at the Robitussin . But the Delsym helped alot . And , as a bonus , it had a pleasant taste . I think my kids missed seeing me do the "Gad , that's nasty" dance in the kitchen tho' . LOL
Today my darling Prince is sleeping in . He was not feeling well yesterday . And I am wanting to head this thing off at the pass . Sleep and Vitamin C . I loaded him up on C before bed last night . I will have to go buy some today , as I only have 1000mg left .
He is really pitiful when he is ill . I guess it is because he is normally so animated .
School is going pretty well . DS finished Lit last week . We will be adding a more in depth bible study in Jan. He will take the Biology 1st sem. final this week . and Alg I is moving right along . He likes History this year . And tolerates English and spelling . He found a contradiction in the 2 yesterday . One said hanged and the other hung . Same publisher ....he was very frustrated .
I am going to go and work up a quick menu plan , I really do better with one !
I'll try not to let another month go by with out posting !