fall leaves

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A different kind of day

Well...this has been really different for me . DH is off on a job . I dropped the kids off at church Wed. at noon for thier mission trip to another state and came home to an accusing look from the dog , wondering what I had done with the kids ! LOL No,really , she searched the whole car ! LOL
Several little things that the kids usually do have fallen to me . Trash duty , feeding the livestock , vacuuming etc .... It adds up ! Then there came the point where I was done with all the little chores I intended to do for the night and realized I was quite alone ! Yes , it is enjoyable for a short period of time , but not too long ! Then I got to thinking ...my baby is 14 ! What ever will I do when the house is empty for real ???!!!??? Getting a dog is not the answer ...we have 3 !~lol
Ah, well , well cross that bridge when it comes ! I am sure the good Lord has something planned out I had not even thought of yet !
Better go get back to listening to the windchimes !

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well , here it is Saturday ....not sure how it snuck up on me ! Wow ! I didn't even get my menu posted this week (again) .
Today we have been doing outside stuff . I have been working around the pond . Mulching , pulling weeds watering my new flowers etc... I seriously under bought mulch ! I got 3 bags and needed 6 . I still have more to do out there but it is looking better .
We had a roofing guy come look at our roof today . We had an incredible storm come thru on the 10th of April . It dropped real , honest to goodness , golf ball size hail ! Scary stuff ! Then last Monday the 13th we had another front come in that had gust over 50 mph ! That's some serious wind !
Or neighbors lost a tree . And we had a few dead limbs drop out of the Pin Oaks out front . But they just went to the ground , not hitting anything .
We are now waiting for the insurance adjuster to come out and look it over .
Well ...I am only in for a water break . Rick is out tilling the garden since it is finally dry enough to get in it and I am going to work on the porch for a while . It is SO cluttery . I keep saying "this week I am going to follow FlyLady to the letter ....but I don't . Next week we are in the master bedroom ...where I need the most help ! So maybe this week , I really will !
Sigh ....of course I am having to work with the sunshine too . My dryer DIED ! Rick thought it was the belt but told me to go ahead and be looking for one since it was already running on 1/2 heat and I could probably buy one for less on Craigslist than he can fix that one for . When he got home he pulled it out to see and the gears disintergrated ! So it is a loss ! Oh well ...just praying I find a great one at a great price and God blesses it for us !
Have a good weekend ! Be back Monday . (I hope !)

Monday, April 13, 2009

God Pixels

Driving the other day I saw a field that looked like it was brush painted with delicate strokes of periwinkle . Oh , it was delightful ! Then I had the idea that those were "God pixels" ! Why "God pixels" ? Because I knew that in each brush stroke there were 100's maybe 1000's of tiny purple flowers . Each one having beauty and value of it's own ! But lending its-self to be apart of the "bigger picture" . A Devine masterpiece !
The wonderful wall paper I have on the desk-top of my computer is made up of pixels . And it too reminds me to "Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness"
Surround yourself with things that point you towards the Lord always . Even your every day stuff , like screen savers . You can also buy or make things like kitchen towels , aprons , note cards and much more to surround yourself in those things that point you towards the Creator and keep you with Eternity prospective .
A similar desk-top wall paper can be found here for those interested ! There are several scripture pictures if you just click around the site . :-)