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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday)

I just couldn't get this out yesterday ....I have become pitifully addicted to this goofy game called PathWords . I spent way too much time on there yesterday . Sigh ~ I did beat my own high score , tho' ! :-) LOL

OK on to the menu !

Monday - Homemade bacon cheese burgers , served with deviled eggs and pineapple chunks .

Tuesday - Grilled Cheese with banana and mandrin orange salad and refried beans with cheese and chips to dip with

Wednesday - Chicken and rice , honey glazed carrotts and apple cake for dessert (I made one last week and it got gone fast !) Thanks Elise !http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives/001468apple_coffee_cake.php

Thursday - Venison Chili with cornbread (or frito's if I get by the store)

Friday - Left-over chili . The kids go to their Grandmas and DH comes home so it is for a whole other audience ...except for me ...and I don't mind having the same thing twice!

Saturday - Venison roast shredded in gravy served over brown rice , with baked sweet potatoes , real butter and cinnamon and brown sugar

Cooking Saturday to eat Sunday ....
Augratin taco bake (new...found here...http://www.recipezaar.com/Au-Gratin-Taco-Bake-279296) served with chips and salsa , sweet tea and sugar cookies for dessert .

Last Saturday I cooked a whole big batch of french toast and pancakes , that along with some cold cereal is our breakfast menu for the week .
Lunch is usually leftovers or what ever you can find . I rarely buy special lunch items . I do like the .75 cent frozen pizzas at Ingles (usually $1) . LOL yea , weird , I really do like them ! My mom calls them cardboard pizzas :-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Titus 2

There seems to be much talk about Titus 2 . Being a Titus 2 woman or having a Titus 2 ministry . I recently finished a bible study that carried that theme as an undercurrent .
I found a unique bent to this idea . There was a lady in the grocery store that had 3 young children in the cart . They were rambunctious and she was frazzled . Probably a pretty normal sight . But I choose to give a few words of encouragement , assure her I had lived thru that stage and since my youngest is now 14 I can tell her she will one day look back on this time with fondness . Since the kids paused to listen to me too , it gave everyone a short break , and the woman began to look at these precious children as potential teenagers . And at the aggravation of the day as a "this too shall pass moment" . Admittedly , I never mentioned Jesus . And it was a fleeting moment really . It was a true Titus 2 moment . I was blessed ; I hope she was too .

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

soup weather !

Well , after weather that has felt more like April that January we are coming into some real soup weather . I wish dear hubby was going to be home to enjoy it ...but since he is not I will make the one soup out of the Harry and Davids gift set my mom got me for Christmas that he would not eat ! You see my DH is veg-a-phobic . Oh , sure there are some he will eat . And more now than ever before ~ we have made progress ! But he won't eat black-eyed peas and they are in this Tuscan Chicken soup mix . LOL

I love the practical gifts I got this year ! Almost all kitchen stuff . New baking sheets , a new muffin pan and a new knife set ! The one I had was like 20 years old from Fingerhut , with blue plastic handles ...it matched the country ducks I used to have in the kitchen at the old farm house we lived in . Hmmm...I will have to tell ya'll about that old house sometime ! It was interesting !!
My non-kitchen gift was the net book . I am finding it very useful ! Can't hardly wait to take it to the prayer room at IHOP tonight .
Better get moving ....the kitchen is not going to clean its-self . And the princess has her intended coming over to break biscuit with us tonight ...garlic cheese ones to be exact ! LOL

Monday, January 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Canadian bacon & onion Quiche
Tuesday - maybe McD as a treat to the prince , the princess has to work late
(but if we end up eating out for lunch we'll do left over black-bean soup)
Wednesday - Tuscan Chicken soup with garlic cheese biscuits
Thursday - French toast , green shakes and oatmeal choco-chip muffins
Friday-Venison bacon burgers (new recipe,will post if good) with marinated slaw and scalloped potatoes
Saturday- open faced Lasagna sandwiches ....will post link
Sunday- our favorite Chinese place after church

I am going to try to be more consistant in my posting (esp. MPM) this year . I have had things I wanted to post everyday for a week now ...but no time ...well actually today I would have had time but I found this game on FaceBook called Pathwords ....neat game , and of course I have to try to beat my brothers score . LOL

New Years blessings ! Ya'll be sure to leave a comment to let me know you've been around . :-)