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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I took the summer off

The public school in our county started school yesterday. And it made me realize that I took the whole summer off from my blog! UGH! I really did think of things I wanted to post about 10 or 12 times during the summer . And since I can post from my Kindle Fire or my phone now ...there isn't an excuse! Just summer laziness I guess, I offically worked my way out of a job. We graduated our youngest. I was a homeschooling mom for so long ! I am slightly bereft ! Missing part of my title ! I have kind of taken a summer hiatus . But i intend to roll back in in a big way! I will be exploring the "real-food" movement more fully and I will also be re-vamping parts of our home . Bit by bit , as time,energy and funding allows. Perhaps I can remember to post those up-dates here. Today I will be working on the carpet cleaning more. :-) It got really bad while we were at camp. Our house sitter didn't do a very good job getting the pooches out when they needed to go. Hence , it pretty much smelled like a kennel when we got home. We picked u leavings, cleaned up what we could and have been woring on it ever since. I did find a spray called "simple" to spray on the spots that had enzymes to get rid of the urine. I used about 1/2 a gallon(!)saturated every place that might be a piddle spot & it made the house smell 100% better. I whole heartedly reccommend the stuff! I am trying to get new furniture and I must have the carpet clean first. So... I better get to it! Have an awesome day ! I will try to be back here sooner this time! :-)