fall leaves

Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu plan Monday (my first of 2011)

So it has been ages since I have done a menu plan ! I even signed up for the "saving dinner" subscription (which I actually had to pay for) ...but yet this is an area I consistently fail ! We eat out too often and it is generally worse when I don;t feel well .
So , DH is home this week with Jury Duty . And I thought this might be a good time to jump back on the bandwagon ! :-)
Sunday - Chinese after church (cheap and easy!)
Scrambled eggs and farm fresh pasture raised pork sausage.
Monday - Tortellini with meat sauce and fresh French bread

Tuesday- Baked chicken (bl/sl thighs), oven roasted potatoes , mixed veggies (steamer bag)

Wednesday-Hamburgers , homemade mac & cheese , green beans

Thursday - meatball subs (homemade meat balls) ,spinach salad with feta cheese

Friday - grilled cheese with 15 bean soup

Saturday- date night ! Our church is hosting a Valentines dance with dinner for couples :-)

Sunday- Hopefully , subs after church ! :-)

See , I feel better already just by making the plan out ! :-)
Have a lovely week !

Friday, February 4, 2011

outta control

I had an awful cough for almost 3 weeks ! I usually just pretty much refuse to get sick ...but this time I pretty much followed to recipe for getting sick !
I ran out of vitamins
I got insomnia for several days
I went to Walmart
I was house-bound by snow

Individually each might not have pushed me over but all together ? BAM ! I was stricken !
I am doing the Here and Now , There and Then study . And Beth talks about her body not behaving ...because us having control is really just an illusion . I can do all the right things an still end up with undesirable results . Because it really isn't in my grasp to control . There is SOMEONE on the Throne ...but it is not me !
I had to go to the doctor ... something I avoid to great measures . I got cough cure stuff . But he was more concerned that I look very anemic. Well , of course I am pale , I'm a red-head after all ! They did blood work . The tech got blood on the first try , with no fishing ! WooHoo ! Practically unheard of ! I went home and googled the symptoms of being very anemic...I could check several things on that list ! UGH !
So , I went to a grocery store with a pharmacy and stocked up on red-meat while they filled the prescriptions...But I already had a chicken thawed for dinner . LOL I might make a smoothie with greens today . Time to do some research I guess !
Blessings friends ! I'm going to put up some Valentines decorations up today to combat the dreary rain ... BUT I am praising God it is not snow ! YEAH !