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Monday, May 18, 2015

Day Book for 5/18/15

Todays Day Book - 05/18/15

Outside my window- It actually just started storming. It has gotten very dark and omnius looking . Lots of thunder and lightening . Beautiful ! It always makes me think of when my youngest was little and threw his little head back and said " I hear ya God , but it I just hear thunder. WHat are you saying?" - Wow , with the faith of a child , AMEN ?!

I am wearing - black yoga capris and one of my favorite Cato shirts. I bought it for a wedding several years ago and wore it with a long skirt. Now it is a whatever shirt. Good colors , good fit , and it is that fabulous material that can be in a basket for a week and look great when you pull it out to wear.

I am thankful for- my hubby getting some vacation time ! And time to allow his body to transition shifts easier than the other transition! (and Memorial day gives him one extra day!)

I am thinking - that I need to make a packing list so I don't forget stuff for our leadership retreat this week.

I am praying - about our house estimates . Still haven't got any numbers back yet. And our daughters job. She is needing a new one , and I guess her attitude. The tighten the belt idea would be helpful and reduce stress. I try to say "Not my circus , not my monkeys" but is kind of is so.... I can't change a lot on my own but I can certainly pray !

I am working on - several ideas . Not much action though.

In my kitchen - ground beef thawing . I need to pre-cook it tomorrow so I can make chili when it comes our turn to cover luch on Thursday. We are doing a baked potato bar. :-) Not too complicated , I will have to bring both crock-pots.

On my reading pile- I am reading book 2 of the outlander series. I have never read them before , which considering they are my preferred time/era/location AND they deal with time travel , is pretty amazing . LOL I was even given book 1 once and I couldn't get interested . Go figure!

In the garden - Got the pond filled . The grass got cut today , it looks very nice ! Roses and azelas are in bloom, THe wild black berries and domestic raspberries look wonderful so far !

Plans for the week - our leadership conference. Trying to just enjoy some down time.

A peek into my day and my favorite quote are combined this week (This is my grand daughter Beaulah Grace)-
Have a wonderful week y'all !

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Simple womans daybook 5/11/15

For Today... May 11,2015 Today ...

Outside my window...It is beautiful day ! But I fear it has done a double-time step from spring to summer ! It has been hot and the dreaded Southern humidity has reared it's ugly head ! I gave in and turned the air on. I used to try to wait until June first . Now I just wait until that first night it's too hot to sleep. THat happened the other night. The air worked hard Sunday trying to get all the moisture pulled out of the house . It feels so good when you walk in .

I am thinking... That I will be super glad when Mr Wonderful gets home. Looking forward to a small get-away with him ! :-)

I am thankful... For successfully making it to our 25th anniversary! The longest guess/bet when we got married was 6 months. Year 9 we were headed for divorce but God intervened ! All praise , honor and glory to Him . I got saved. Radical life changing salvation. 5 months later Mr Wonderful got on his own bowed knee and received grace and forgiveness. He had known Jesus as a young man and walked away. God , rich in mercy, called him home to the foot of the cross . We renewed our vows and dedicated our marriage to God on our 10th anniversary .
Life has never been the same !

I am wearing...jean shorts and a grey embroidered t-shirt . Socks , no shoes. Sun-glasses as a hair accessory - as usual !

I am creating...A plan to fix the broken stone on the fire place !  I watched a video and feel empowered now . I thought "hey, I can do that " LOL Well , we'll see !

 I am going... To have Ms Busy a couple days this week . Gotta get the floors done first thing in the morning !

I am wondering...If hubby will transition back to first shift easily after 2 weeks on nights. They've been working 8pm to 8am. He is dog tired and still has several days to go. Oh, the beautiful sacrifices that man makes for us !

I am reading... Some romantic fluffy thing that I downloaded on Kindle for free. I have been having trouble sleeping for various reasons and allowing my reasoning to check out for a while helps sometimes. LOL

I am hoping...For good numbers on our repair estimates. I want to squeeze as much out of our budget as possible ! And it is major stuff. Prayers appreciated !

I am learning... that even dogs go thru menopause. My AbbyJean is 10 and a half and is in heat ! She skipped the 2nd one last year so we assumed she was done. This week she have the "pukies" and didn't want to eat anything for a couple days .Then the heat hit her. Poor girl.

In my garden...My hubby drained the pond and cleaned it out . So excited to get it reestablished.  I got a new fountain pump and am going to try to have a small water feature . It will be a first ! I'll post pictures if it works !

In my kitchen...BBQ sandwiches , steamed broccoli and a veggie mix. Trying to make some hard decisions on getting rid of some stuff so my kitchen can flow better.

In the homeschool room...We are discovering to magic of "Color Wonder" The baby is 16 months old and they do not write on clothes,walls or carpet. Neat stuff !

A favorite quote for today...
This seemed appropriate to the day I need after the night I had ! The dogs kept me up A LOT !

A peek into one of my days...

One of my favorite things...
Actually , just iced coffee. No flavored stuff . Coffee , real cream and ice....definitely one of my favorite things!

That's it for this week y'all! Have a blessed week. Leave comments! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Simple Womans Daybook May 4,'15

For Today... May 4, 2015

Outside my window...It is the gloaming , as the Scots would say . It is that dusky time when it is not quite night but not quite daylight. The sun is down but it is as if God is giving His children just a few  moments extra to gather and get-a-going.

I am thinking... Of a multitude of things ! My brain is a busy place ! Mostly thinking of my hubby right now and praying that he has an easy time adjusting to the 2nd shift he will be having to be on soon. Here is Mr. Wonderful himself relaxing with our favorite little grand daughter (only 1!)

I am thankful... For the work of the Holy Spirit at church yesterday . Oh, I just feel like God got a lot done in a short time !

I am wearing...Denim shorts (that have a safety pin in the cuff for making beaded pretties) One of my favorite Kohl's shirts, it's a black fit and flare style tank. Comfy , presentable . The best of both worlds!

I am creating...A sign in vinyl for my dining room . (well,I hope I am anyway)

I am going...Grocery shopping , to the vinyl store and to get my oil changed this week .

I am wondering...What the furniture I am getting is going to look like in the house , and what I will need to do to it .

I am reading...
Mostly blogs right now to help me with the 99 projects I have in the works and in my head! I want to do a pond pump and make a small waterfall. Lots of reading and picture gazing !

I am hoping...I can make some very positive changes in the house for my husband.

I am learning...That I can be lazy , procrastinating but also too busy and take on too much . I seem to have very little space between the extremes.

In my garden...
Irises , scurvy weed , roses, berry canes

In my kitchen...
Corn dogs and steamer bag veggies tonight. 

In the home school room...trying to eliminate a bookshelf or two from the house.

A favorite quote for today... Those who will not be ruled by God will be governed by Tyrants , William Penn

A peek into one of my days...My grand baby got to play in the sprinkler for the first time .

One of my favorite things...Sunrise and sunset . This picture was take the other night on my way home .

From the board room...
photo credit to lifehacker.com

Well That's it for this weeks daybook. I hope you will leave me a comment, visit the other linked up blogs here and come back again really soon . feel free to search other posts too. :-) Have a great week y'all !