fall leaves

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine Day! :-) Best gift of all....I got to have my wonderful hubby home last night ! So I got a for real Valentines kiss this morning. We usually don't make the days that much with the "subject to change with-out notice" schedule around here but it was nice! (AND....rumor has it I'll get to have him home this weekend too!)
Since I have left this background up since last Valentine , maybe I should look to change it soon ...but I like it , so we'll see. LOL
Our dryer died this week ! ACK ! Gotta go look at some tomorrow. Wish I could have a fancy-schmancy front loader set but I have been told they probably would fare well in the garage where my laundry machines must live. SIGH....It's OK I'm too cheap frugal to make such a purchase anyway. I'll just get an extra large capacity used dryer that comes from a referb store and has a warranty .
I drove to NC last week end and really enjoyed it! Good friends and a great church service. It was allot of fun. It was also pretty stress-free since I borrowed my sons truck and it handled the mountain hills and strains so much better than my little 4 cyl wagon. Might be time for something else, I really like that little car, but I also really like being able to go where I need to !
I did find a place n NC I could bring the dogs along! :-) We are talking about doing a vacation up there and bringing the fur kids along! :-) YAY!
Better close out . Time to put the dogs out and make my evening phone call.
Blessings friends!

Monday, February 4, 2013

I want to start posting as I am learning about the Trim Healthy Mama. I just got my book Friday , so I am by no means full on board the plan yet. I registered at the forum a few weeks ago and had seen them on FB. I have been a Above Rubies reader for many years so I have seen snippets along the journey these lovely mamas have taken.
I started the day with a muffin in a mug , in the book and on the forum. I had decaf coffee with cream and coconut oil and a shake of cinnamon. It was very satisfying. I think next time I will pulse the mix in the Ninja/bullet . I did not grind my Flax quite enough so it was an extra chewy muffin. Tasty though!
I am hoping to read quickly and get under way. I can see if I meal plan this will be very doable for me. And I may get the kids to join in some. (they are grown,no worries) I think even my favorite pup will slim down a bit since the snippets she begs so cutely for will be healthier! LOL
I'll let you know as I go!