fall leaves

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everytime I say I want to try to post with some regularity it seems LONGER between postings ! It is silly really !
I have been trying to stick with menu planning fairly loosely ; mostly in my head . I have not been posting it. But with my DH home last week and this week failure to plan is certainly planning to fail . I may occasionallly be able to tell the kids that it is fend for yourself night but that will just not do for my hard-working man . LOL
Case in point , this morning it is 22 degrees and he is in the shop , handling all manner of tools and frozen steel . While we are in the nice warm house , cats and all . I am getting ready to have a cup of "Pure Empower-mint" tea (my fave!) My hubby has to be drinking coffee and adding and subtracting layers of clothes through out the day . He is a good man and a hard worker !
I am trying to participate in FlyLady's decluttering olympics . Yesterday didn't go so good but as MS marla says ...you are not behind , jump in where you are .
I did do a major closet clean out . Then I got stuck thinking about how much $$ I had spent on those clothes I was trying to purge , Ironically 1/2 of what was in the basket I actually bought new 1 ;-( ! I am the Good Will diva for the most part ! LOL
I also started doing Breaking Free Bible study by Beth moore . I am LOVING it . She encourages you to dig into the word and explore it . Think for yourself and then own it . there are a few questions that are introspective enough to sting a little . But we are hanging in there ! LOL
There are only 6 of us in the group and that includes the facilitator !
Back to the idea of menu planning...
I made Beef Stew in the oven for after church on Sunday . It turned out spectacular ! I used beef I had gotten on the markdown sale at my local grocery . I added 2 bags of frozen "for stew" veggies . The recipe on the veggie bag called for tomato soup and I couldn't find any so I sub-ed some beef broth (with no MSG) and some organic speg. sauce I had in the fridge. It cooked in the cast iron dutch oven at 250 degrees for about 5 hours . YUM ! I made some quick garlic cheese bread out of some hogie rolls . It is SO nice to have something new to add to the usual winter rotation .
I am ALWAYS looking for suggestions for after church meals to help keep us from going out . My DH is out of town allot with his work and that means he eats out all the time. So it is good for him to have nutritious , home cooked meals for body and mind . And on the financial side there are usually 6 of us and even at the Chinese cheap lunch , that adds up fast !
OK ........I guess I have prattled on long enough .
YA'LL have a great week and I will try to get get back here next week and post a menu plan . :-) Maybe I will manage to spend less at the grocery that way .