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Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday update

It is 8:30 now and I have gotten a bit of a second wind I guess . I have mostly cleaned off the other 1/2 of the kitchen and will scrub it down in a few mins . I had to find the surface of the counter. I forgot to take a picture . Poo. It would have been pretty impressive too.
I spent a couple hours (cumulatively) on Pinterest and then on to you-tube to find and watch Tuts on the mesh wreaths . In the process I found mesh garland that I instantly fell in LOVE with! I want to make  garland long enough to go on my outside railing . In fact I pretty much want to decorate NOW ! LOL ....Not that I am going to ! I will however be decorating in late October this year so as to be ahead of the game . With the extra large Thanksgiving we have and the baby due Christmas day ....I better hedge my bets ! ;-)
I have been multi-tasking and didn't even know it ! Out of desperation I plugged my phone into the laptop to USB charge. And a box popped up that VZ can check for updates...um...OK . Can you make the darn thing not freeze on Scramble . Thanks! LOL See I don't ask for much ! :-P

Yep, It's Monday !

The prince and I were called on to help out a guy in need. We took him to work while he is looking for a car. The only catch is he had  to be picked up at 3:30 am. I did go back to sleep for a couple hours and I felt great earlier. It's almost 6pm now and I am drag-g-g-g-ING!
I rejoined FLY lady because I needed some direction and motivation. This week they are in the Kitchen . To days mission is to scrub the counters. Let's just say I got 1/2 done. I am going to do the other 1/2 before bed but it has just been more than my brain can handle. I did unload and reload the dish washer and scrub the sink out . After my lack of motivation due to the migraine this weekend my poor sink was full to overflowing! I HATE that. That part felt really good to remedy! :-)
I love the new Fly-lady lite ! One email a day . Skim for pertinent info if that's all there is time for . Read the musings and testimonies if I can. No condemnation ,and by this I mean unopened email laring at me! Sigh ...I know , ridiculousness but that's how my brain works!
Mr Wonderful is on the road again. Fairly close this time . Which I like . I will miss him , we have kind of been tight here lately. It's a good thing!
We are still in purge mode . It is a lot slower that I would like . But I figure it is like losing weight ....it didn't get there quickly , it won't leave quickly either! I have been avoiding yard-sales (at least until we know baby's gender!) as to not drag more stuff home .
I have a wild hair to change the living room around . And I want to change the bedroom too ! When I am awake and energized enough! We shall see . I will try to remember to do some before and after pictures. :-) I so enjoy them on other peoples blogs . I just forget to do them here. :-/ Working on it !
Blessings all ! Lora