fall leaves

Friday, June 13, 2014

So I was thinking tonight ...since God give us pictures of things in the physical shadow or help us picture the spiritual realm. What if the loved ones in Christ who have gone before us are the ones readying the wedding supper of The Lamb! That would mean , my precious brother got to go make bowls ! For God's table. It was his favorite thing to do here on earth.
Since my beautiful mom is no longer sick , in any way I wonder what she is busy doing. She liked to clean so perhaps she is on the straightening up and arrangements committee.
Don Carroll is surely helping with musical arrangements. My grandmother can see perfectly now and would probably be sewing or baking.
Thank God for the reminder that His ways are higher than mine!

Monday, June 9, 2014

New week

My hubby is finally home from the North! We had a lovely afternoon and evening, got to see our grand baby for a few minutes and also visited with my dad. 
I went to church alone , which wasn't as depressing, I suppose because I knew Mr Wonderful would be home soon. 
I still have not managed to get the bathroom finished , but I did get the carpet clean! Mostly clean anyway I do have a couple spots I have to work on :-/. I am beginning to think these might be our last dogs. I just do not enjoy the clean up any more. I love them , don't get me wrong .... But... I just don't appreciate the trash digging, the potty spots, the fur... Maybe it has just been a bad week last week! Lol we shall see.
Big week this week! The princes gf is turning 18 and the princess turns 25. Like woah! I have a 25year old (who has a baby of her own) shocking how fast time goes sometimes! 
Better go, the grand little will be here soon and I am not ready. Blessings!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My last day 43

This is my last day being 43. Tomorrow I will turn 44. This is my first birthday with out my mom here . I found myself looking for a birthday card in the mail. Depressed at the realization I will never see a card in the main with that sweet flow -y script I did not get the mail ... All week. The prince was not aware of my mail strike and brought it in yesterday afternoon while I was away. My Pastors precious wife sent me a card , just to say she loves me and is praying. I cried , but I so needed that. 
God does know. And I needed to be reminded of that!