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Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week DH is out of town . So I am trying not to make all the days "fend for yourselves night" LOL

M-Eggs and sausauge with fresh baked biscuits

T-left-over porkchops (unless we go to Grams then prob. subs)

W - Thanksgiving dinner at Church

T-Meatball subs on fresh Italian bread

F- soup (it's just ME)

S-French toast

S-Chicken and rice in the crock-pot

Strange week ...I'll explain more in a post later or tomorrow ! :-) Love ya'll !

Thursday, November 6, 2008

dinner !

I just got dinner ready and realized I had never put that recipe on here ! It is SO good ...easy too . And can be made at a very reasonable price .
We call it taco bowls
cook rice
cook ground beef (drain fat)
put in taco seasoning (simply organic is my fav.)
add a can of beans ( I use black if I have them )
Simmer it all together for a while.
That's all for the basic recipe .

Then we add sour cream , shreadded cheese & salsa
I serve it with tortilla chips or tortillas (to make a burrito)

They are wonderful ! We cooked them in the Dutch Oven while camping one time and we had people coming up asking what we were making that smelled SO good ! LOL .

If you give them a try let me know what you think of them ! Its really a what's not to like recipe since it is so amendable to personal tastes ! Next time I think I may try adding a small can of tomato paste !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well , I made it thru election day ! We had over 540 voters in our precinct . It was a REALLY busy day . I had several interesting situations pop up during the day . The absolute high light for me was a German couple who had just gained citizenship came to vote . Due to a glitch , he was cleared to vote but she was not . She went all the way back into the office and showed all her paper-work to the right officials . Then once she was cleared she came back to vote ! With no warning or coercion all of our crew applauded her effort when she walked in . She even had on a t-shirt that had an American flag on it claiming "GOD BLESS AMERICA" .

I woke up pretty sore from being on my feet on the hard school floor all day . When you get there at 5:30 am and don't leave until after 8pm it a LONG day .

I am a little dis-appointed over the election results . Tho' not the election turn out . The turn out was astounding ! I hope we as individuals and as a nation will turn our hearts towards heaven and our Heavenly Father in unprecedented numbers that puts the election turn out to shame . God is our only hope . Always has been , always will be . It's just becoming more apparent in these days and times .

I stand with the German born new American and say "God Bless America" ! I pray she survives with some semblance of dignity as our elected officials attempts to act out a parody of the captives being led off into Babylon . May God raise up many legions of people with the heart of Daniel . And more so a heart for the One True God .