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Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday's Five Fave

This week I had to think a little for my 5 faves ! The stomach flu has been hitting us hard for 2 weeks . Hubby has it now ...sigh .

#1 . Still having my precious mama ! I love her , she is a friend and such a great grandmom !

#2. Proving ppl wrong ! My hubby and I celebrated 20 years of marriage on Wednesday. The longest ppl gave us was 6 months . (we were both a bit of a train wreck then) And by Gods Amazing Grace we are saved , raising godly & good kids and more in love today than ever !

#3. Knowing that God promises that "this too shall pass" . Most virus ills are short in their course . And we really needed to remind ourselves of that lately ...at 3 am ....throwing in another set of blankets.....

#4. Air Conditioning ! It was really hot in here yesterday and I turned the air on today . With hubby sick I hope the coolness will help him rest . (GA is really humid right now)

#5. My sweet dog , AbbyJean . She has comforted us all during the sickness . She is my friend and my more when my hubby is gone . She even encourages me to walk more . How can a 12 lb dog be so great yet so bossy ??) LOL

Ya'll feel free to comment ! I know I am LATE today ...but hopefully a few will stop by ! Have a wonderful Mothers Day

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Major Anniversary !

Tomorrow - on Cinco De Mayo , when 100's of ppl flock to the Mexican restaurants for food {and often drinks} - My DH and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage ! WoooooHooooo !

We can honestly say that we have a wonderful testimony of Gods amazing grace . If anyone had given us a list of what not to do--we did that . God let us go on our own rocky path for over 9 years . Then by our 10th anniversary we had gotten saved and we decided to get re-married in church by our Pastor . It was the start of a true covenant relationship . We have truly been blessed ! I am so thankful !

Strangely enough , we have to wait until this weekend to celebrate . DH is out of town on a job and I have a funeral to go to . I was really trying to work out going to have dinner with him (it's about 2 1/2 hours away) but my DD needs the car in the morning for going to a job and my brothers widows daddy just passed away this week , so I really feel like I need to go to the viewing to support her . Seriously , she lost her husband 8 months ago and now her dad . She has no children to be with her ...sigh . It saddens me greatly .

So I have a joy and sorrow tomorrow . Interesting , isn't it !? AND...I am praying for my DH because tonight when I talked to him he said he isn't feeling too good . The prince and I were sick with the stomach flu last week . I am asking God to please let Rick NOT get it ! Especially away from home .

Blessings all ! Have a good evening !