fall leaves

Thursday, September 20, 2012

blue sky

It was raining last night when I went to bed and I checked the weather forcat on my phone and it said rain Monday and Tuesday. So I had an awesome & pleasant. Surprise to wake up to to sun peeking up ina brilliant blue sky! Love that! Now they have changed the forecast to occasional evening showers possible. So I hope it also changes my mental and indoor forecast to getting a lot done! The morning time nhas been on the cooler side this past week and that help me immensely!
Seems my blog has eaten a couple of posting from the warmer mo Sorry for the typos. I haven't figured out how to spell check before publishing while using the Kindle Fire.!nths...weird! Well here we are Septemberish and I am learning to adjust to not being a homeschooling mom. I am doing better than I figured!I have been able to attend some prayer meetings, and help out at church a few days. I amslowly getting a few projects done. Decluttering bit by bit. ....After 20 years in onehouse it is overwhelming the amount of stuff that piles up around you! 8 have gotten the hall closet and living room done... yep,not much but it's a start. My daughter finally got out of the bad situation she was in with the abusive boy friend. And she is back inour life more. We are asking God to draw her fully back to him. We like her new guy and hope that God has big plans for them and they both cooperate! Infamy going to the TN mountains tomorrow nona spur of the moment trip with a couple lady's from our church. Should be pretty this time of year...still green but beginningnto change. Maybe I can get a couple good photos to post! That'd be fun! Next weekend me and my luv. Are off to the NC mountains for a marriage. Retreat. Busy,,, busy! Tired...but in a good way!