fall leaves

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blah !

This has been a pretty sorry week !
I went to the Beth Moore conference Saturday (which was really good!) But I had to leave early because I was getting sick . I Proceeded thru the stomach flu the rest of Saturday and 1/2 of Sunday ... so no church for me !
Monday I was doing OK . Sore muscles , but livable . Tuesday I felt good . We even went to visit my folks and see a movie . THen Wed. .....UGH..........It was back ! I had everything but the fever . Sigh ....I am so far behind on my house , and errands ! My biggest praise is that DD got her license and has still been able to make it to her various sitting jobs . DS is not so sure about being home with no car tho' .
Anyway.........I took a phenegran and if I can keep my eyes open that should help !
Hopefully I will be back for F5F tomorrow ! See ya'll then !~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday's Five Fave #4

#1. this week my CELL PHONE ! Seriously ...my dh was able to call and say he would be home 7 days earlier than expected ! With out our cells he might have just showed up . Have I mentioned I am NOT a surprize or change kinda gal ?? Remind me to tell you about when he rearranged the furniture as a surprize for me while I was shopping one time ! LOL I was horrified ; he was heartbroke and felt rejected!
And...My moms transmission went out this week and she had the cell to call my daddy ! I love our cells !
#2. Farmers markets . Our produce co-op started again at church . Someone goes every 2 weeks . I love this ! We got blueberries , strawberries,fresh corn , baking taters etc...yummy stuff!
3# New drip pans ! I bought new drip pans for my electric stove , and i love the clean look ! Small investment , big appeal !
#4.The eye care club . DD went for her contact exam and it did not cost her anything this time ! They are ordering the trial pair . She likes contacts best , they are an expensive accessory when you have astigmatism like hers !
#5. Being able to bless someone we love ! We were able to give the van I used to drive to someone who can really use it ! We are praying the Lord gives them 200,000 miles out of it!

So...there my 5 faves this week ! Good thing I haven't found a whine and grumble meme ! I could sure fill that list some days ! :-P

good week!

This week has seemed less hectic than last week . DH is out-of-town on a job . He was not scheduled to be home this weekend but called a bit ago to say that , indeed he would be home. SO ...gears switching....we are getting ready for Daddy ! And I am glad . I woke up missing him much today .
DD had a break-up yesterday . She's nearing 21 and is getting that husband fever . I understand ...but it's frustrating ! I just wish the Lord would put a neon sign on the fella that says "this one!" LOL
DS had friend over to play air-soft . Sweating , shooting each other , getting dirty , ripping jeans ... the ultimate male bonding ! :-) They had fun ! We got pizza for lunch (gotta love Little Ceaser deals!)
I still have dishes to swap out so I better go get busy !
Have a wonderful weekend !

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's Five Fave #3

This week I have looked for what my 5 faves would be all week ! LOL . It was a refreshing way to approach things .
1. Whan last summers shorts still fit ! LOL
I got out all the summer clothes and was pulling on the shorts with trepidation ! I was sure they would not go up ! But they did ...and they are not tight , just comfy ! Yay !

2. Having gran-pups ! Our sons Pitt-bull had 8 pups this week . They are ugly and cute all at the same time . I will try to post some pics on here soon .

3. Things that work as advertised . We are in high pollen season here and everything is yellow . I bought one of those swiffer dusters and it really did pick the pollen up and hold on to it ! My fave is how well it did the TV and all the little nooks and crevices in the back . Good product !

4. Coupons for things I really need ! This week I had a $3 coupon on dog food and $1 off the swiffer duster mentioned in #3 ! I am getting good at looking for printable coupons on line too . The Avenue has a $10 coupon which I think my daughter will use today . They have the best "foundation garments" there ! more on that later too !

5. Watching things grow ! I have 9 tomato plants on the window sill ...almost ready to go to the garden . I also have some new baby plants poking up . The wonderful , new leaves still have seeds on them ...it looks like they are praying ! Ahhh...love that !

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ! Be looking for what makes your heart smile next week . It really does change your attitude ! :-)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's Five Fave

I am back for a second round ! Yea !

#1. My absolute fave this week is the RAIN we had yesterday ! After several day with pollen counts hovering around 6000 , it RAINED and washed the air clean ! Easier breathing and cleaning for so many . Thank You GOD for the rain !

#2. Going to the thrift store and leaving empty handed . I think it speaks much about contentment level for me . Now don't get me wrong , I love a good deal ! In fact I am going on the hunt for a yard sale or 2 as soon as I am done here !

#3. Homeschool flexibility ! We can make the school day fit the rest of of life . When we need to visit someone in the hospital , we just work around that . When my son comes home from CAP and says he needs to teach a safety class ...we can make it fit into school time . I love that!

#4. Hot coffee on a chilly morning . Ummm...my hubby left me some in the pot this morning .

#5. WIsteria ....it's everywhere here in GA now and it smells heavenly ! I know it is a pest of a plant but it is beautiful (and I LOVE the smell !)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I am trying to get back to menu planning . I do so much better when I have a plan . Less trips to the grocery , to the drive-thru etc... less stress at 5pm when I realize I haven't got a CLUE ! LOL
Sunday we had a crock-pot mis-hap ! For some reason the roast did not get done ! So after church the princess and I were scrambling for what to make the family for our after church meal ! We ended up with quite the feast ! Left-over grilled chicken , salad, steam veggies and chips with cheese dip !
M- When the roast did get done late Sunday after-noon I broke it apart and refrigerated it . So tonight we will have pulled pork in gravy over rice . The prince , who is gravy phobic any other time LOVES this ! LOL
I will add some mixed veggies with it and some sweet tea
T- hamburgers and brats on the grill ! Served with chips and green shake smoothies
W-chicken and dumplins ! And hopefully enough to share with the Pastor .
T- Pork chops with baked potatoes(w/real butter,sour cream& fresh chives) and steamed green beans
F- Making an finger food to take to home group meeting
S- Steaks on the grill , baked sweet potato and salad
S- Crock-pot beans and cornbread (hope to have my new oval crock-pot by then!)
Ya'll have a blessed week !

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday at last....

Ah....Finally a Saturday with-out alot of demands .
Oh, don't get me wrong, there's plenty to do . The "to do list" is as long as ever ! Some things on the list have to wait until there is money enough to do them (like building the new deck) . But...the kids are at Gram & Papa's , and it's just us and Abby home . We slept later than normal , had egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast and did some cyber surfing . Sitting here listening to the wind chimes ring in the delightfully cool spring breeze . It is in the 68-75 degree range .
I think DH is feeling the call of the grass . The mowers need to be checked over since the first trim of the season is surely only days away . The garden is needing tilled . Our church is planning a community garden for the first time this year . I want to help and am excited to see what God will do with it !
Well , have a joyous Resurrection Sunday !
See ya back here on Monday for MPM .

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday's Five Fave

Ok ....this is my first try at this so hereeeeeeeeee goes !

1. In honor of Good Friday .........

I thank Jesus for all He has done for me (for the world! John 3:16-17)

2. I am surrounded by beautiful spring flowers !

3. My min-pin Abby is my fave !

4. Spring isn't my favorite season ........but I am glad it's here ! GA is SOOOOOOOOO beautiful in the spring !

5. And last , for this week, my current fave song :-) Derek Webb "Wedding Dress" you can look it up on youtube and have a quick listen for free !

Well .... it wasn't fancy . But not bad for my frist try !

Have a blessed Resurrection Weekend !