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Friday, April 4, 2014

sanity saver

Well back to visiting the blog to vent and save my sanity!
This has been quite a rough year. . Last year was a whirl-wind. We had an engagement,bridal shower,,wedding,then a baby shower and a baby! Shew! Our beautiful grand daughter was born Dec. 30th...just in time to wrap up the year in a beautiful way!
Now , cue 2014...we lost our long tome fur friend Angus on New Year's day. ,Jan 9th my mother had a stroke . 71 years old. She worked the day before,made dinner and all th  normal things. It was a "wake up stroke" meaning she ha  It in her sleep. It affected her speech,reading and writing. We did a month or so of out patient rehab/speech therapy and she was making good progress. Then she started feeling poorly.
Poorly went to wretched in a couple weeks. Mom ended up in the hospital. She ha  high blood calcium levels and pneumonia. The fluid to flush the calcium collected in her lungs and we almost lost her. She stayed over a week.
She was ordered to get a PET scan and we went Monday. Yesterday's news was not what we hoped for. . The lung cancer returned. It is in th  lymph nodes and some of her bones. It hurts. Sh  is in a lot of pain. An  they have given my precious mom about 6 months.
And so we will try to deal with this leg of th  journey as best we can. God will have to be