fall leaves

Friday, January 25, 2013

It seems like at least every other day I think of something I would like to blog. Then I get to the end of the day and I am out of time,energy and maybe words.
It has been a bit of a purging season around here. My car was needing repair and that was the catalyst for starting the garage.My wonderful hubby got off work on a fluke one day and came home and started moving stuff around and throwing stuff out. Our dear son got in on it and they did amazingly! They brought me several boxes and baskets to go thru. I found many pictures and cards. Some school books that I will get to donate. And a whole lot of junk. the crun was piled high.
A neighbor came by and asked if he could have somethings from the pile. Hubby said he was welcome to anything out there. We went away for a bit and came home to a pile reduced by about a third! It does seem to hold true that one man's junk is another man's treasure!
They did get my car fixed! Hallelujah! It needed a fuel pump. Serious stuff!

I finally got my new green curtains up! yeah! I really like them! I want to paint my stair banister to match it. I want to paint soon. I already have the paint. I am also contemplating painting my kitchen....yep,lots going on and even more going on in my head! . lol

 I suppose soon I will have to face down my master disaster...I mean bedroom. yeah...maybe one day!
Better go on to bed now,that thought wore me out. Go ahead and laugh...you haven't seen it! Maybe I will be brave and do some before and after pics. I always love those on other blogs!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It is January 2nd . Last night we lost a good friend. Angus was about 15 which I know is pretty old for a dog. I do know that . But it is still very sad. Especially to have to see your big 18 yo son crying his eyes out at the loss of his dearest fur-friend. They grew up together! We posted a pic on FB last night and asked for prayer. There is something comforting about knowing people are praying for you when the hard times come.

I look out at his house and bowls today with a heavy heart. I see the Blue Jays coming and calling out to each other from the trees. And I smile a little remembering how he would just lay and watch them come eat his left over dry food. We wondered sometimes if he left food for them because he enjoyed their company . He was sweet natured and just an all around good dog. Brindle coat and big square pit-bull head. He was a rescue . A lady found his litter in a pasture and was giving them away at a Memorial Day festival. We already had 2 dogs and I thought my hubby was crazy for getting a puppy. But in retrospect I am glad he did ! He was a good dog and We loved him well for 14 long years. He is the last dog from before we got saved. What a sweet old guy . We will all miss him!