fall leaves

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I took a trip to NC last weekend to go to a lady's luncheon. The event itself was lovely and fun but the trip ...um...not so much. I got there and discovered I had left all my clothes and toiletries at home in GA! I had to shop for EVERYTHING!  I did escape having to spend to much money on makeup. There were two lovely cosmetic reps baRbell that blessed me with samples of many of the items I needed. All I had to buy was eye liner and eyeshadow. Being a redhead I am pretty much a blank canvas with out makeup. You cannot even see my eyelashes.
I found a fun out fit at Bells. They had a great sale going. It is not Christmas-y so I will definitely wear it often. I went to Wal-Mart and pick up the other things I needed. My friend was sad her birthday gift got left in GA too. LOL
I left a day early due to being on baby watch,lack of clothes,and the forecast of a wintry mix. I endured fog and drizzle most of the way home. Not fun!
I considered skipping church since no one knew I was home. But ended up going anyway. I was glad I did too.
My hubby comes home today after 18 days away! We are very excited. (And desperately needing to clean so... so long until next time!

Monday, December 9, 2013

sugar cookies and sweet memories

I got this pretty glass while thrifting this weekend . It is heavy , good quality . There was only one . But I only wanted one anyway . My grandma used to have one that was a much simpler glass but with the same type cut pattern in the bottom of the glass. And it always came out at cookie time! She would Stamp or emboss the sugar cookies before they went in the oven. It was special . Unique. and since I am being blessed with a granddaughter this Christmas it seemed I should have my very own cookie glass. Maybe one day she will want one of her own. you know? For old times sake! Can't wait to make new memories. Oh yeah.I am breaking the glass in with eggnog! And soon ...sugar cookies! :-) Merry Christmas !