fall leaves

Thursday, July 31, 2014

So Fast!

I got out a new toy today to celebrate Ms. Busy's new desire to pull up on what ever she can grip and stand up. Sometimes it's only a few seconds , sometimes she makes it a couple minutes. She just turned 7 months. Her uncle (the Prince) just told her today to not forget to be a baby! 
She's a handful , but such a joy!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Old lesson, reenforces

Many years ago God told me I would always have a different perspective . It is a gift but can include a good bit of aggravation factor. Sometimes it is amusing (to me anyway) . But this weekend I went to a small woman's conference at a friends church out of town. And there I was reminded that sometimes it's a lot a trouble !
Now I will start with saying I was hoping for a prophetic conference and it was not. It was foundational teaching and had some very good teaching. They were talking about our identity in Christ. 
They handed out a little pamphlet that had sins you might struggle with . They asked you not to put your name on it but to fill it out. The first section was other religions , the next occultist activity , then onto sexual sins etc.., 
Well .., I do come from a sordid past BUT (!) God has very graciously walked me thru the occult related parts of my past, the sexual sin etc... This is certainly not to say I do not sin. I still have areas I struggle for sure. But anyway... I asked The Lord if I really needed to check those things from my distant past and He said "No" that that's not who I am anymore , so I just sat quietly and prayed. 
Then they brought in these 2 big crosses for people to come up and nail the list of sins to. I was doing well , praying,journaling etc....then someone walked up behind me and rubbed my back - insert perturbed cat expression here - I am not a touchy person by nature. Then the person at my back starts pushing , trying to get me out of my chair...not kidding. I turned around and gave her the perturbed cat face. She says "you need to go up now ". I smiled politely and said "no, I'm ok" she proceeded to say "no, you need to go up" "I said "no, I didn't fill it out" she parroted my answer back to me and then again - indignantly! She walked away. I assumed it was done but no , she went away and brought reinforcement. Another lady comes to try to talk some sense into me. She says I can just take the blank paper up and nail it to the cross. I declined. They kept talking a few minutes and then walked away. 
Once again I assumed it was done ...nope , they cornered me afterwards. Seriously! I apologized and tried to explain. It just wasn't really getting through. They were SO not prepared for someone who did not follow along. 
The next morning I slide in right at start time. The 2nd lady was still speaking ,kindly, to me. The pushing lady would not even look at me. 
I left right before lunch. It was my hubby bd and I really wanted to go see him. It was a 6-7 hour drive but it was so worth it! I was glad I did. 
I explained to the lady who would still talk to me that I was leaving and why. She asked me to wait so I could get my gift and she went and got the lead woman's pastor. Whom I had to explain that yes, I was leaving , no, not because I was mad. She prayed for me and sent me off with a sandwich and chips. Which I ate during a period of prolonged road work! 
Just a reminder to me that I am still not for everybody! Lol

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Content (it's the little things)

It really is the little things that make a house a home. And a homemaker smile! Love these little purple flowers. They make me have a happy smile every time I see them on the window sill. They were saved from the mower in the back yard and lasted for a week in the vase. :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Feathers and precious metals

Going through some of my moms jewelry tonight I untangled necklaces, shined up rings , pulled out some memories found matched and unmatched earrings. As I was putting things away I found two tiny downy feathers in my lap. It seemed like a message . And I will let it be. :-) my heart has some peace tonight that it lacked earlier. And if that is the only gift there is , it's a good one.