fall leaves

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of August

Well today is the last day of Aug. Which means we made it thru it ! The one year anniversary of my brothers dead was Friday . None of us can hardly believe it has been a year ! I get thru knowing I will get to see him again ! The HOPE of heaven ! My dad is not a Christian , I have no idea how he makes it !
The Princess started a new job at the tiny restaurant in town . She is loving it ! And I am SO glad she is working again . We are back to butting heads . Seems to happen when she has a beau . I have a hard time relating since I was married with a baby by the time I was her age .
The Prince is in his second week of school . We are using a cover school this year and so far he likes it ! I can hardly believe he only has 2 years left ! I try not to think what I will do after I have no more to school ...it generally causes panic or depression ...neither of which I usually struggle with .
Tonight is ladies night out at the church . They are doing a covered dish night at church and I will be bringing sausage and peppers ...or whatever it morphs into ! LOL
I am looking forward to fall . I totally want to decorate ! I figure it is pushing it too much when it is still 90 degrees here . But SOON ! Very SOON ! LOL

Thursday, August 12, 2010

soggy clutter

I am a clutter Queen . Sigh... I usually blame it on my small house , but it's just me . Wednesday I walked down first thing in the morning to throw in a load of laundry (It's the habit for Aug. flylady followers) ...anyway, there was a puddle on the garage floor by the washer . I mopped up the water with a towel or 2 and threw them in the wash too . I was figuring something was wrong with the washer so I packed towels around it .
I turned off the water to the washer last night , only to come down this morning to find a huge puddle again . DH said maybe the water heater that is next to the washer.
I had clothes and towels and lots of "stuff" by the washer and water heater...and guess what? It either needed immediate washing or was ruined already . I have spent 2 days cleaning down there in the garage/dungeon . I have gotten 3 barrels of trash out , and 2 boxes of "give-away" . Only a dumpster load to go !
I am taking the hot part of the day off and need to clean in the house . My dh comes home tomorrow and it is a mess , even more that usual !
I think I will store some of my plastic storage tubs over there from now on. no more clothes ! That thing had been leaking for a LONG time and I was blissfully unaware!
Yikes !