fall leaves

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

crazy days

Life seems to be crazy lately. My om was in the hospital with a suspected heart attack. After much worry and many tests the only thing they could figure was she was very dehydrated. She had suffered from a stomach bug the week before and just did not catch up. Scary stuff!
Several  our friends have lost parents lately. So there have been a lot of funerals. Lots of stress and sadness. Some were very unexpected. Fairly young people who seemed relatively healthy. It is often hard to understand!
I went out of  to visit a friend last weekend and support her in her first event at her new church. It was an amazing blend of fun frivolity and serious ministry. I met some new friends that I will love to say "hello" to when DH and I visit next.
Some exciting developments.....DD got her wedding dress! It is beautiful and I know she will  amazing. It was awesome in the fact that it as our first store and the 2d dress she tried on! She did try one other but went back to that one! The only glitch is to avoid paying a lot she will have to get 4 inch heels for the ceremony. we are hoping for comfortable shoes .... ha! Is that even possible? I do not like heels!
More soon I hope. :-)