fall leaves

Monday, September 28, 2015

Rain-y days and Mondays

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For Today... I am all by myself. Everyone is working and it is not a day I have my grand daughter. I have a LOT I could be , should be doing but ....

Outside my window... Yuck. It is chilly (low 60's) and it is a constant misty rain . It is a total motivation squelching day. I just can't get started! So...here I am blogging. LOL

I am thinking...About how excited I am for the work that will be done on our home ...and how much work I have to get done before then ! Seriously overwhelming . Everywhere I look I see something else. I have learned that I am drowning in clothes. I have a hallway full of things that need to go away...but it's raining. Blah.

I am thankful...For a good weekend with my husband . Getting to see our family yesterday. Getting to participate in all night prayer and corprate worship. Seeing an old friend. 

I am wearing...Faded black yoga pant capris and a spiffy purple sports tank. No socks or shoes, but I will be finding those soon! It is nippy and I will also need to be in the garage soon to take down a load of laundry. (more clothes!)

I am creating...Some neat wooden signs ! Thank you Paige !

I am going...To a couple Apple Barns in North GA tomorrow! I will bring home about 20lbs of apples to can !

I am wondering...How to get my kitchen clean and Keep it clean so that I can enjoy cooking for my family again. There is just too much stuff in the way . 

I am reading...Product Detailsby Mark Rutland. It is SUCH a good book ! I highly reccommend it !! A small book with such astounding revelations waiting to be uncovered!

I am hoping...To get my sewing machine working. It has been a process of trial and error and finding problems and ordering parts. Waiting on parts etc....All I want to do is so simple projects!

I am learning...that as hard as it is to adjust to limitations of an injury , it can be just as hard to adjust to incremental healing. 

In my garden...
The last hurrah of the begonias and impatiens ! 

In my kitchen...I made Chicken and dumpling this weekend . It's a seriously big deal around here ! LOL . I am thinking about some french toast casserole for tonight. It's just me and the prince tonight. Mr. Wonderful is out of town.

A favorite quote for today...As hard as it is to wrap my mind around it, I thank him for taking my baby to heaven and taking care of him. I'll never know why it happened or have any answers at all but I trust in God to take care of the baby and taking care of myself.:

A peek into one of my days...
my fur-friends reaction to this rain-y day! 

One of my favorite things...cool , sunny fall days!

From the board room...Gray exterior house painting color trend - 7 paint trends to look for in 2015: http://www.colorworldhousepainting.com/2015-exterior-house-painting-trends/
this is approximately the color our house will be !