fall leaves

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I made several updates since May but I did not publish them . So now I have gone through and deleted the drafts. I am having a wee bit of an issue in the fact that I prefer to blog from my computer , BUT , Pictures are easier to add from my phone ! And when you are surrounded by cuteness like I am PICTURES are important !

Lots has happened since May as you can Imagine . June brought my birthday , my daughters birthday , my sons girl friend also had a birthday . July quickly moved into Camp meeting time ! Then onto Mr. Wonderfuls birthday the very next weekend !

I often feel like my year is split in half . Focus on Camp meeting and the summer birthdays , then switch gears to Christmas ! LOL Of course there will be MUCH to happen between now a Christmas and I am by no means wishing the time away , I am just saying my brain just moves on . I have been having new decorating idea since by then the outside of our house will look very different. I am scared and excited! Dreading the process , for sure ! But looking forward to the outcome ! I will be sure to post some before , progress and after pictures !

I hope to make a Simple Woman's Daybook post later this evening ! I miss popping in on all the participants.

Best wishes ! Lora Lee