fall leaves

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Homekeepers Journal (July 6th)

Here I am back for another edition of the HomeKeepers Journal. :-) I love this meme ! I would love for it to "Catch-on" a bit more since I also enjoy reading other bloggers entries.

In my summer kitchen.... Last week I was elbow deep in peaches . I stayed busy for days with them . I canned crushed and halved peaches . They turned out beautiful ! And yummy too . We opened one jar after a week to make sure they were "fit to eat" as one of our friends says ! This week the kitchen is quiet and cluttered. We are heading to summer camp and will be mostly gone for 2 weeks . After that I will be back to canning and cooking !

In my summer yard.... a small garden with tomatoes and peppers , some green beans and wax beans . Oh , and some ground cherries too !~ The rest of the yard is mostly dandelions and dogs ! LOL

On my summer reading list... I am currently reading "Demon:a memoir" by Tosca Lee . It is awesome Christian Fiction . Order it ! I promise you will find it thought provoking ! I also have Liz Curtis Higgs newest book "Here burns my candle" . I love her fiction books !

When camp is done I will also be starting the Beth Moore study on Revelation . I think my whole family is going to do it together !

In my summer plans .... Well , seriously , camp always occupies a large chunk of my time and attention ! I work while I am there , so it isn't leisure at all . But it is enriching. I love it ! Our other plans are ... well , not sure ! I would like to find something fun and low stress to do as a family . Totally not sure what !

On my summer to do list ... Conquer my bed-room messiness ! Get the carpet and couches cleaned (professionally) and use my new coffee bar frequently !

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Homekeepers Journal June 29th

Here's what's going on around my home...

In the yard.... Trying to get my little plastic pond in a happy place again . My pump broke and I have a new one ordered . I also have a crazy amount of green gook in there . It's an algae bloom that won't quit . And I haven't found anything I can get that's safe for my kitties (who drink from it often!)

On the grill ... grass fed beef steaks ! It was a heck of a splurge but I knew it would make my man smile . :-)

With my children... Trying to get ready for summer camp ! It is 10 days long and takes lots of energy and prep work !

On my mind... What I have to get done before we leave ! Too over-whelming !

The book of the bible I keep finding myself turning to lately ... Corinthians (mostly bk1)

What I am reading .... Demon by Tosca Lee , and my Fave blog right now "Ruffles and Stuff"

I am looking forward to ...getting my carpets cleaned after camp ! And the up-coming elections (I am a polling place manager)

That's all for now ya'll ! Have a wonderful 4th of July week-end ! And find a VET to say thanks too ! :-)