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Saturday, April 16, 2016


I had on a popular , upbeat Christian song that has lyrics that say "We were made to thrive" . And then God whisper "failure to thrive" . GASP ! I have know people who had children who were labeled with a condition know as FTT (Failure to thrive) . It means not growing and gaining weight at the expected rate , not meeting the milestone of development in a timely manner . Not keeping up with the progress of their peers of age and gender.
Christians sometimes have FTT it seems . They aren't growing . What they are taking in isn't healthy or helping them . Or despite good input , their body isn't using it well for gain and growth . High implications . Thought provoking , isn't it ?
What's causing Failure to thrive in your life in Christ ? Did you make a confession of faith and go right back to the cesspool of sin , feeling like "fire insurance" was good enough ? Do you regularly ingest things that you know are not healthy for you ? Feeding your eyes , ears , heart and mind with ungodly , unrighteous things ?
Do you tune out your pastor 1/2 way through on Sunday because you are trying to pick a lunch spot ? And by Tuesday you could tell a friend where you went to lunch on Sunday , but not what your pastors message was about . Not remembering a single worship song that was sang ...
Could these things be symptoms of FTT ? They could indeed ! But I know a wonderful thing . We have a standing appointment with The Great Physician ! He can heal us . He can cleanse us . He can change the things we crave . He can help us to better use what is available to us . Won't you get a check up today with Him ? I am !

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